Robo Sunglasses

When I heard the Beat Freaks were performing to Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” for the Battle of the Sexes challenge, I was a little worried.  No offense to Katy Perry, but how were they going to pull off a dope routine without coming off too bubblegum poppy?  I mean, Quest Crew is assigned Chris Brown’s “Forever”?  Really, ABDC?  I guess that wouldn’t have been challenging enough for the Beat Freaks, considering Maryss and Rino are in the actual Chris Brown video.  [You can see Maryss dancing with Chris Brown in his Australian Idol performance here or Maryss and Rino dancing house in this Chris Brown rehearsal video.]

Maryss from Paris in Chris Brown's "Forever"

Maryss from Paris in Chris Brown's "Forever"

But I digress.  I couldn’t imagine that the Beat Freaks would pull off such an amazing performance.  I should’ve had more faith.  The automaton section was so cold and precise, they break out into hot Michael Jackson pelvic thrusts, and then Bgirl Shorty tops off the routine with a head spin while putting on sunglasses.  And what raises the hip quotient of this performance are the Roboglasses found at Filthy Dripped Art Couture, a streetwear boutique in Berkeley, CA (they pride themselves in “offering the finest and most popular pieces from the best underground designers around”).  I just love how the Beat Freaks slowly put the sunglasses on while Shorty spins.  So killer!  roboglasses[Editorial Rant:  I think Quest Crew is a very talented crew, but I give a lot of credit to the Beat Freaks’ back-to-back, game-changing performances in week 5 and 6, that woke Quest up and pushed them to create such amazing week 7 performances with the Hip Hop Decathlon and Orquestra piece (that ultimately won Quest the ABDC title).  With the Quest Crew/Beat Freak synergistic relationship, I’m positive that Quest Crew’s week 7 performances would have catapulted the Beat Freaks to another level, had there been an 8th week challenge.  I guess we’ll never know.]

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  1. [: says:

    they 100% wore the Nike Legend High Premium LE Women’s Boot
    in this performance.

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