Cerbae Denim

Teresa Espinosa in Cerbae Denim

Teresa Espinosa in Cerbae Denim

Maryss from Paris in Cerbae Denim

Maryss from Paris in Cerbae Denim

Throughout the season, various Beat Freaks members have been spotted wearing baggy jeans with checkered pockets.  They are Power Moves Premium Denim, made by Cerbae Street Couture.  Founded by Bay Area native, Nathan Kohrs, Cerbae translates to “Sir Bay” meaning “Respect the Bay”.  According to their website:

Cerbae Street Couture established itself as a leading fashion collection through designing a line of clothing for a specific segment of the population… The urban elite: A powerful segment of the population viewed as socially conscious taste makers…  Inspired by urban culture. Designed for the fashion elite.

I think that accurately describes the Beat Freaks… “socially conscious taste makers.”

Many hip hop artists, such as Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Mos Def, and Ne-Yo, can be found wearing Cerbae t-shirts. Check out Cerbae’s blog, highlighting Rino and Maryss wearing the
checkered-pocket jeans in the hilarious Sassy interview for lemondrop.com (@ 2:10).

2 Responses to “Cerbae Denim”
  1. Giuliana says:

    Can you pls find the jacket with the cat ears either the green one or red one like the one maryss is wearing? PLS.

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