Bgirl Shorty is My Ninja!

One thing I have learned more than anything from blogging Freak The Fashion is that “creative” people are multi-talented.  They don’t just dance or design clothes or do photography… they also sing, play an instrument, deejay, etc.  For example, Lady Jules’ acting abilities match that of her dancing (and that’s saying a lot). The same … Continue reading

Beat Freaks and Miss Wax Jewelry

We’ve talked about shoes, shirts, and jeans, but what about the earrings?  That’s where Miss Wax Jewelery comes in.  Kylee Fauss, born and raised in San Diego, is the founder and head designer of Miss Wax Jewelery.  In Fall 2006, she began creating jewelery by hand painting on broken vinyl and selling the artistic pieces … Continue reading

Punkrose Shoes

Punkrose shoes have been described as, “hardcore sneakers for rockers, skaters, punks, rebels, and everybody in between.”  You can buy their shoes at the Punkrose Shoes Amazon Store.  There you will find (from left to right): Funk Mesh Hi-Top Sneaker worn by Teresa Shorty is wearing the Funk Shooter Sneaker in black Funk Shooter Sneaker … Continue reading

More Shoes, More Nike

  Gotta love Rino’s shoes.  The blue ones in the photo above (and seen in various other photos) are Nike Vandal Quickstrike released last fall.  You can catch a better view of them in the photo below taken from  

Hellz Renegades of Funk

  With much anticipation, Hellz Bellz Spring 2009 Delivery 2 collection has arrived. Hellz™ presents the second installment of our Spring ’09 collection, Renegades of Funk, a tribute collection to the Electro-Sound of the 80’s in NYC. Paying homage to the string of electro 12″ records by Soul Sonic Force & Afrika Bambaataa including our all … Continue reading

Beat Freaks Dance To End A War

On April 21st, The Beat Freaks held a free hip hop workshop “Dance To End A War” to support an organization called Invisible Children (@icTRI).  What is Invisible Children?  This non-profit organization was founded by three southern Californian filmmakers: Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, and Laren Poole.  In the spring of 2003, they traveled to Africa to … Continue reading

Week 3: Britney Spears – Womanizer

Week 1: Din Daa Daa?  We know they are amazing dancers.  Week 2: Independent?  We find out how strong they really are.  Britney Spears Week 3: Womanizer?  “The World was not ready for that.”  This performance in particular was one of their (many) breakout performances. I usually qualify my statements with “arguably” or “in my … Continue reading

Boom Boom Boombox

It’s pretty obvious that if The Beat Freaks have an official mascot, it would  have to be the boombox.  It’s in their logos, Freak The Dream performance, and a prominent fixture in their photos.  The ghetto blaster is often recognized as a symbol bringing it back to the old school days of Breakin’ and Electric … Continue reading

Groove Freaks

Beat Freaks in Groove Footwear (Photos by Sthanlee B Mirador – PRPP) It’s hard not to notice the shoes worn by The Beat Freaks in the World Of Dance, Pomona photos.  These colorful sneakers are made by Groove Footwear.  Based in Orange County, CA, the line was founded in May 2004 by Leo Capulong.  Later joined by Marisol Vasquez … Continue reading

Beat Freaks Do High Fashion

The Beat Freaks attended the Into The Blue 2 Premiere last night. Here are some twitpics from @julesurich and @espinosa22. Designer Carmelita Martell, from Miami and based out of Philadelphia, officially launched her line in Spring 2008.  Take a look at Carmelita Couture’s Fall 2009 collection here (photographer Shane Canyon Walsh).  Carmelita Couture: signifies a … Continue reading