More Beat Freaks Tees @ 5&A Dime

5&A Dime  LogoRT @5andADIME: New 5&A Dime Logo Tee’s, Beat Freaks Tee’s, and Pacquiao tee Droppin Today!

4 Responses to “More Beat Freaks Tees @ 5&A Dime”
  1. welly says:

    So are they just restocking the old shirts or are there supposed to be new Beat Freaks designs? In any case, I can’t find ANY Beat Freak merch on that site. All the FTV and FTB shirts still say ‘sold out’.

    • freakthefashion says:

      I think they may just be new arrivals not new designs, but I’m not sure. 5&A Dime’s twitter page says they are dropping today but there is a limited supply. If you don’t have a FTV or FTB shirt yet, you might want to call and ask if you can order over the phone. According to the website, their number is: (619) 236-0364.

    • freakthefashion says:

      There is a new Freak The Beat shirt in blue.

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