Beat Freaks & Acrylick Spread The Message

Beat Freaks Rockin' Acrylick Tees

Beat Freaks In Acrylick Tees

Acrylick describes in their blog that they share the same message as The Beat Freaks, which is the love of art and the determination to make a positive change.  Created in 2002 by Van Truong and Michael Valenzuela, Acrylick is a Los Angeles-based clothing company that strives to make fashion with a positive message.  Each design is created with a meaning and purpose in mind and hopes to inspire expression of individuality.

We encourage individuals to take part in their interests as well as keeping an eye out for any new interests that may arise that can spark inspiration, resulting in bringing something positive to this world.

Did Acrylick’s clothes help inspire The Beat Freaks to bring so much positivity into this world?  There is a meaning behind every Acrylick design (that you can read about on their website) just as there is a meaning behind their name:

Acrylics are used to paint and can easily be seen as an element we use to express our feelings, emotions, individuality, and soul onto paper, canvas, wood, etc.  It is a material that we use to put what we have in our minds and hearts out to the world visually.  Acrylick intends our clothing to have the same purpose.

After all, “the message is the concept.”

Beat Freaks in Acrylick 2To purchase Acrylick clothing, visit their online store here:

  • for the Bonita White tee worn by Lindsey & Maryss or the CA All Day shirt worn by Shorty or the Beauty Lies tee worn by Teresa, visit Attic’s online shop
  • for the LA 84 shirt (one of my personal favorites) worn by Jules, Keeley, & Rino, visit
  • for the Tastemakers shirt (in fuschia) worn by Al*Star (above) & Rino (below), go to

Rino in Acrylick

Be sure to check out Acrylick’s Spring 2009 collection released this past Saturday, April 4th.  And you can follow them on twitter @acrylickco.

5 Responses to “Beat Freaks & Acrylick Spread The Message”
  1. jdlc1981 says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the shout outs and love for Acrylick…we are so honored that Beat Freaks support us! Pace, love, & music!

  2. ...vivi... says:

    las AmOoo

    BaiiLaN DmAsiiADoOo–> BkAnO..
    I LoVe ThIs GruoP

  3. mr seed says:

    this gals r on top;imagin a gal doing a head spin for more than one minute that is so seriouse; mko juu tu sana meaning u r on top once again

  4. randy says:

    ur are o gud dancer ….ilove you all……

  5. tetz says:

    yooooooo!!!!!!beat freaks….you rock the stage…i luv you…

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