Rino Gets Ugly With The Other Duck

Rino in The Other Duck

Rino in The Other Duck

I’m always one to root for the underdog.  In this case, the self-proclaimed underdog is The Other Duck, a clothing line that encourages us to embrace our inner ugly.  The Other Duck was created by designer and dancer Cheryl Koo who grew up in Singapore and Vancouver, B.C. and currently resides in Los Angeles.  Cheryl has studied at the University of Southern California and Parsons The New School for Design.  She gained experience working at L.A.M.B., Adidas, and Triple Five Soul, before developing The Other Duck “to represent those who are underrepresented and to force us to see that different and non-conforming is amazing.”

What is The Other Duck?  According to their website,

You know… It’s the other duck.  The outkast, the underdog, the other.  The ugly duckling.  Embrace that inner other and you will discover that at the right time, your ugly duckling will transform into the beautiful swan.  In time.  Don’t force it.  Don’t avoid it.  Embrace it.  Be proud of it.  It’s who you are.  Your essence.  Don’t let anyone take it away.  Ever.  Dare to be ugly.

What a great message!  The Other Duck sponsors many dancers including Rino, Victor Kim of Quest Crew, Gigi Torres, Stephen “Twitch” Boss, Lando Wilkins of Boxcuttuhz, Elm Pizarro, Shonnie Solomon, Aja George, Candace Brown, and Joesar Alva of Boogie Bots.  And several members of Team Millenia have modeled for them.  Check out The Other Duck’s blog showing support for The Beat Freaks and Quest Crew.

Rino and Victor Kim in The Other Duck

Rino and Victor Kim in The Other Duck

You can purchase The Other Duck clothing at their online store, including:

the-other-duck-hoodieYou can follow @theOTHERduck on Twitter.


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