Learn To Freak The Beat

Jamie King: Rock Your BodyGroovin with the Groovaloos

Not all Beat Freaks Fans live in Los Angeles, near Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, where several members of The Beat Freaks give dance classes.  And many of those who live nearby, myself included, don’t want to make fools of themselves trying to keep up with the choreography.  Instead, I prefer to be the honorary ninth member of The Beat Freaks in the privacy of my own home.

Wouldn’t it be nice if The Beat Freaks produced some instructional dance videos?  Even short tutorials on youtube would be helpful.  Well, there are a few videos out there that include Beat Freaks members:

These are the videos I have in my own personal collection.  If you know of other instructional dance videos with Beat Freaks members, please share!

3 Responses to “Learn To Freak The Beat”
  1. Hatsuharu333 says:

    I think Rino also has a dvd that you can buy from the digital dancers website. I wish they had a Beat Freaks dance instructional video compilation thing where every member teaches some of their own choreography or just how to do moves they specialize in :] .
    I agree with you though! I live way too far to take classes with them and I lack any real dance experience, so I want to practice a bunch on my own first so maybe one day I’ll be good enough to take their classes!

  2. Hatsuharu333 says:

    here is the link about volume 2 of the instructional video I mentioned in the previous post:
    There’s also volume 1, but volume 2 has a longer running time.

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