Beat Freaks Rockin’ Iron Fist Tees

Iron Fist tees on The Beat Freaks (Photos by Cole Walliser)

Iron Fist tees on The Beat Freaks (Photos by Cole Walliser)

Iron Fist Clothing was started in 2001 by Mike van Senus and Travis Anderson.  Inspired by skateboarding, surfing, art, music, street culture, and social issues, the two friends created Iron Fist from the trunk of their car.  Now, they have major distribution worldwide and a flagship store in South Africa, where they both grew up.  According to their website:

Renowned for quality product with exceptional artwork from a barrage of some of the world’s best underground and street artists, Iron Fist is not for everyone, and we like it that way. Our customer is an individual, a person who creates their own style as opposed to buying it.

Iron Fist is “made with love for a heartless world.”  They set out to prove that people who contribute positively to this world don’t always have to fit the tree-hugging stereotype.  Iron Fist has a movement within their line called Love Vigilantes, which endorses a number of organizations that make a difference, including PETA, Greenpeace, Rock the Vote, and more.

You can purchase Iron Fist clothing at their online store, including the:

iron-fist-4Follow @ironfistclothng on Twitter.

[Thanks to Cole Walliser (@colione) for the photos.  Thanks to Teresa Espinosa (@espinosa22) for the info on the shirts.]

4 Responses to “Beat Freaks Rockin’ Iron Fist Tees”
  1. Cole says:

    Awesome work Tiffany!! Great write up 😉

  2. Elisabetta says:

    and also …the TOKIDOKI hoodie, Julie and Maryss sports them a lot!

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