Hellz Renegades of Funk


Hellz Banshees Jacket

Hellz Banshees Jacket

With much anticipation, Hellz Bellz Spring 2009 Delivery 2 collection has arrived.

Hellz™ presents the second installment of our Spring ’09 collection, Renegades of Funk, a tribute collection to the Electro-Sound of the 80’s in NYC. Paying homage to the string of electro 12″ records by Soul Sonic Force & Afrika Bambaataa including our all time favorite, “Renegades of Funk,” which truly stood on its own without trying to sound (or not sound) like Planet Rock or Looking For The Perfect Beat. It was a song that was a beat of its own, a beat that the Hellz female can nod to!

Surely, Renegades of Funk is a song and a collection that The Beat Freaks can nod to.  Especially the Hellz Banshees Jacket and the Coco x Hellz tee (Lindsey wears this shirt on the Tom Green show).


Coco x Hellz tee

Coco x Hellz tee


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