Beat Freaks and Miss Wax Jewelry

Lindsey and Rino wearing Miss Wax earrings (Photo by Cole Walliser)

Lindsey and Rino wearing Miss Wax earrings (Photo by Cole Walliser)

We’ve talked about shoes, shirts, and jeans, but what about the earrings?  That’s where Miss Wax Jewelery comes in.  Kylee Fauss, born and raised in San Diego, is the founder and head designer of Miss Wax Jewelery.  In Fall 2006, she began creating jewelery by hand painting on broken vinyl and selling the artistic pieces at local stores.  Now, through lots of hard work, the Miss Wax Jewelery line is in stores worldwide with quite a buzz about the cluster-style earrings, two-finger rings, and street art necklaces.  According to their website:

Miss Wax, the truly inventive brand hit streets in fall of ’06, testing the limits of style with a not so typical accessory line.  Starting as just a garage based hobby, Miss Wax has gained international notoriety in just the past year by creating a line of jewelry that fills that void in every urbanites wardrobe.

These creations speak for themselves.  Influenced by our Hip Hop heroes, trends and pop-culture of the 1980’s, and the straight love for street art, Miss Wax aims to reinvent the current, non-progressive jewelry market.  Miss Wax is about non-conformity and self-expression.  Art into outerwear.

Take a look at M.I.S.S. online magazine’s Women Making History: Kylie Fauss interview where she describes her rebellious past, interesting list of turn-ons, and her inspirations.  M.I.S.S. also has a preview of Miss Wax’s Fall 2009 collection, including the two-finger ring collaboration with Hellz Bellz.


You can purchase Miss Wax Jewelry at the online store, including the Bomb Drop Earrings that Rino is wearing and the Ghetto Blaster Earrings seen below.


Top photo was taken from Miss Wax’s Myspace page.  You can follow @MissWaxjewelry on Twitter.  More to come from The Beat Freaks and Miss Wax Jewelry…

Lindsey in Miss Wax Earrings (Photo by Cole Walliser)

Lindsey in Miss Wax Earrings (Photo by Cole Walliser)

2 Responses to “Beat Freaks and Miss Wax Jewelry”
  1. Katie says:

    OMG!!! You are a miracle worker! I’ve been trying to find Rino’s earrings in that picture forEVER!

    Off to check out Miss Wax Jewelry!

  2. freakthefashion says:

    I’ll have to credit LeeJ for the info. Thanks to your question about the earrings, I asked him!

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