Beat Freaks and Busog

busog-bfsThe big news from this weekend is Manny Pacquiao wins his bout against Hatton in the second round and The Beat Freaks had a successful trip to the East Coast.  There The Beat Freaks got a taste of a NYC clothing brand, Busog.  Created by Founder and Art Director Darwin Dion Ignacio in late 2008, Busog means “full” in Tagalog.  According to Busog’s blog:

The name Busog (boo-soog) comes from the Tagalog (filipino) word for full. Yes it has to do with food. Thanks Ate Cherms for the input on this.. much love! I love this word because it relates a lot to the Filipino culture. Other than having the actual word being in Tagalog, being full (of food) in any filipino home is a must. Haha. Whenever you go to a traditional filipino home, and their parents are home, you will be fed (most of the time). They’ll place food in front of you even though you said you just ate, or don’t want any. And out of respect, you have some food. Our goal is that you are full and satisfied.

Being full is also my goal in life, I want everyone to understand where i’m coming from. I go the extra mile to help those in need, w/o even trying. I put others before myself just so I can see them happy and thus in return that makes me happy. Without the gift of giving, i can not be filled and so I think this is just another way of mine to give back to everyone. To find a style/fashion that people can relate to and thus have a meaning and purpose for wearing.

You can purchase the shirts at the Busog website, including the Pacquiao Glove tee designed by Dago in Gray and Gold or the Panda Sal tee worn by Rino in the photo below.  Photos are taken from Busog blog where you can also find pictures of Quest Crew, A.S.I.I.D., and Kaba Modern wearing Busog.


You can follow @busogmeansfull on Twitter.

2 Responses to “Beat Freaks and Busog”
  1. amel35 says:

    cool site…great inside b freak info! love their style. hot prints are what i’m looking for. keep it coming!

  2. PIN8 says:

    Busog way to represent Filipinos… can’t wait to get some of your shirts!

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