Freaking the Dream Tokidoki style

Beat Freaks wearing Tokidoki (Photo by Cole Walliser)

Beat Freaks wearing Tokidoki (Photo by Cole Walliser)

The Beat Freaks have inspired and brought hope into the lives of so many people.  It certainly helps that the clothes they wear exudes the same joy that they bring to their fans.  Tokidoki, and its heart over crossbones trademark, is certainly no exception with its colorful, Japanese-inspired art and iconic characters.

Tokidoki started as a personal website of Simone Legno as a place to display his “art and soul” and has grown into a way for him to make “the world a bit more colorful and positive through Tokidoki.”  In 2003, cofounder of Hard Candy and husband, Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold, discovered Legno’s website and moved him from Rome to Los Angeles to build the Tokidoki brand.  Now, with headquarters in Los Angeles and stores in SOHO and Milan, Tokidoki makes clothing, bags, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, computer accessories, watches, onesies, hats, skate decks, toys and more.  Collaborations include Onitsuka Tiger, Smashbox, Levis, LeSportsac, and Mikasa soccer balls to name a few.

What does Tokidoki mean?  It is Japanese for “sometimes”…

I chose “sometimes”, because everyone waits for moments that change one’s destiny.  By simple chance or meeting a new person, tokidoki is the hope, the hidden energy everyone has inside that gives us strength to face a new day and dream something positive, that something magical will happen to us.

You can purchase all of their products at the Tokidoki online store, including (from top photo):

And take a look at Tokidoki’s blog for another pic of The Beat Freaks in Tokidoki.


In the photo below, from BGirl Movie’s photostream on Flickr, Bgirl Shorty is wearing the Adios Spy Knit Top.

Bgirl Shorty in Tokidoki with Kid Rainen and Lindsey at BGirl The Movie Screening

Bgirl Shorty in Tokidoki with Kid Rainen and Lindsey at BGirl The Movie Screening (Photo by Cole Walliser)

[For the shoe fanatics out there, those in the top photo are indeed Punkrose.  You can find some of them here at or]


One Response to “Freaking the Dream Tokidoki style”
  1. SL714 says:

    Those hoodies are so awesome, now I have to get one. Thanks for doing this amazing website it makes my life so much easier to find the trendiest fashion that’s out there.

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