Beat Freaks Freak the Competition

Quest Freaks the Vote

Quest Freaks the Vote (photo by TK of the Wildboyz from 5andadime blog)

The Lakers-Celtics rivalry started before most of us were born and will likely continue on past our existence here on Earth.  The great thing about ABDC is that after about 2 months of intensive crew bonding and extreme fan rivalry, the competition is over.  Now the fans of the crews can get along as well as the actual dance crews do.  Right?  Throughout the ABDC season, The Beat Freaks have been spotted showing support by donning the shirts of other crews: Jabbawockeez, Team Millenia, Ringmasters, and Quest Crew.


Rino in Jabbawockeez West Side tee (photo from

beatfreaks-jbwkzclothingringmasters-maryss-and-julesHow can you show support for other crews like The Beat Freaks do?

Quest LC teeteam millenia tee

But, I do think it’s human nature to enjoy a little friendly competition.  So, if you haven’t already, take the poll on your favorite non-Beat-Freaks ABDC dance crew.


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