More Abbey Dawn for The Beat Freaks

I know there are many Beat Freaks Fans, including myself, that can’t wait for Wednesday night when the Beat Freaks will be showing off some new moves on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  My DVR is set!

The Beat Freaks have been seen in more of Avril Lavigne‘s Abbey Dawn line of clothes.  From the above video, check out Keeley’s Abbey Dawn Graffiti Hoodie available now at Kohl’s.  Or you can see all of The Beat Freaks wearing the Graffiti Hoodie in photos on Wireimage.

Abbey Dawn Graffiti HoodieOr the Rock The Beat Suspenders tee (which unfortunately is no longer available) worn by Rino when The Beat Freaks appeared on the Tom Green Show a while back.

Abbey Dawn Rock The Beat Suspenders Tee

Rino in Abbey Dawn on Tom Green Show

Rino in Abbey Dawn on Tom Green Show

And if you’re in the NYC area May 14th and 15th, some of The Beat Freaks will be holding classes and a meet and greet (if you’re taking the classes) at Stepping Out Studios.

classes bfs flyer

3 Responses to “More Abbey Dawn for The Beat Freaks”
  1. freakthefashion says:

    Thanks to Darwin from Busog ( for the correction on the dates. We’re loving the Manny tee Bgirl Shorty is wearing in the video!

  2. Georgie says:

    How did you get the hoodie with the ears please tell me and if you tell me i will not tell anyone where i got it from please wright back.

  3. singsimple says:

    Abbey Dawn is amazing; no wonder they wore it.


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