Dear Nike,

Nike Troupe Mid ID Dance Shoe

Beat Freaks Nike Troupe Mid ID Dance Shoe (designed on NikeID by FTF)

Dear Nike,

Nike has supported Beat Freaks and the Beat Freaks have supported Nike.  Isn’t it time for an official Beat Freaks-Nike collaboration?  How about some Limited Edition, Special Collection Beat Freaks Nike Vandals?  They could be designed by Hellz Bellz or The Beat Freaks themselves or even a contest for Beat Freaks Fans (there are some very artistically talented fans out there).

I’m no designer, but I tried my hand at NikeID and created some Beat Freaks-inspired Nike Troupe Mid Dance Shoes (see above picture).  If there really were a contest, I’d throw some paint and graffiti art on there, add some more color, maybe put some boombox speakers on the heel, and add some Shoeture hooks on the laces.  All I know is that they’d have to be powerful, colorful, inspiring, and make you want to Freak the Beat… just like The Beat Freaks.  I’d love to see what the professional designers, artists, and fans would come up with.

Thank you for your time.

Waiting Patiently,

Freak The Fashion

Ok, so I didn’t really send this letter out but don’t you think it would be a great idea?  How would you design Beat Freaks Nikes?

Until then, enjoy some Nike commercials with The Beat Freaks touch.  Like the Nike “Not An Athlete” commercial with Sofia Boutella.  Luther Brown and Teresa Espinosa were honorees at the 2007 Choreography Media Honors for their work on this commercial.

9 Responses to “Dear Nike,”
  1. Katie says:

    Oh, this would be the shiz man!!!

    Nike should totally hold a contest for the fans to create the show they feel best represents the Beat Freaks!!! That would be so dope, I’d buy two pairs!

  2. Katie says:

    totally meant create the Shoe*

  3. shoefanatic says:

    Put me on the waiting list!

  4. Darwin says:

    OH man.. if there were a contest .. i’d be so down for that ! Look for BUSOG to bring it as always ! Look out !

  5. nothinleft06 says:

    if nike made a beat freak inspired shoe…especially with the boombox…i would cop it in a second!!

  6. lexine says:

    dude that would be sick. id so be down for that.

  7. justdoit says:

    Beat Freaks Nikes? hmmmmm… I’d have working speakers with a place to plug in an ipod shuffle.

  8. SL714 says:

    That would be sick!!! If Nike were smart they would actually do that. I would just send the e-mail to them or maybe they’ll just read this, hopefully.

  9. la kika says:

    me enkantan!!! ojala y me lo mandes1!! jejejej!!
    no te killes sip!!!!

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