Vote for New 5&A Dime Freak The Beat Shirt

Freak the Beat Shirt vote5&A Dime is giving Beat Freaks Fans the chance to Freak The Vote again.  This time we get to decide the color for the next Freak The Beat shirt.  According to their blog:

We want to get the fans opinions on what colorway to make the next “Freak The Beat” T-Shirt. The choices on text color are: Red, Purple, Neon Green, and Neon Blue. The winning shirt design will be ready for sale for the instore on Sunday, May 24th. Voting begins now and ends on Sunday, May 17th, so that gives you 4 days to pick your favorite colorway. Click the color of your choice to Freak The Vote!

And don’t miss the In Store Fiesta with The Beat Freaks on May 24th.

5andadime BFFLYERInitially, I was going to choose blue but I changed my mind.  My vote goes for Purple.  I think it’s time Beat Freaks Nation takes Purple back. You only have until May 17th to vote, so hurry and vote here.  What color did you vote for?

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