Freak the Beat Custom Shoeture Buckle

shoeture on beat freaks

Shoeture on Beat Freaks' Nikes (Photo by Sthanlee B. Mirador - Pacific Rim Photo Press)

The Beat Freaks really know how to accessorize, especially for their shoes.  Beat Freaks fans already know about Shoeture but this site would not be complete without mentioning it.  Shoeture is a combination of the words shoe and couture.  Designer Grant Hooks’ high fashion shoe accessories will make you fall in love with your sneakers all over again.  According to their website:

It’s the feeling you get when you put on a new pair of sneakers.  A special blend of confidence, freshness and excitement.  That’s the love Shoeture is bringing back.

But what fans may not know yet is that Shoeture is coming out with a new Beat Freaks custom King (shoe buckle).  I will definitely be purchasing those!  Here’s the concept for the design:

Beat Freaks Custom Shoeture Buckle

Beat Freaks Custom Shoeture Buckle

The Beat Freaks aren’t the only ones in love with their shoes again.  Shoeture can be found on Quest Crew, Fanny Pak, Super Crew, and Team Millenia.  Take a look at Shoeture’s blog for shoutouts and props to The Beat Freaks during the ABDC season as well as photos of the other ABDC crews wearing Shoeture accessories.  And you can see a picture of Grant Hooks Freakin’ The Vote overseas in China on the Beat Freaks Crew blog.

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5 Responses to “Freak the Beat Custom Shoeture Buckle”
  1. React548 says:

    Can’t wait to see what these end up looking like. Great blog by the way!

  2. sara says:

    What kind of nike kicks are those with the metallic shoetures. the kicks are metallic silver with two diff shades of blue. what’s the name of this pair?

  3. mEgG_eLizAbEtH says:

    what style is the blue/white pair ?

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