Beat Freaks Perform at Lakers Halftime

Beat Freaks Perform at Lakers Halftime

Beat Freaks Perform at Lakers Halftime

It was Showtime in Los Angeles last night for playoff Game 2, Lakers vs Denver Nuggets.  For Lakers fans, like myself, Showtime was only during halftime when The Beat Freaks performed.  From what I’ve heard it was another amazing performance.  The Beat Freaks looked great as always with their Lakers-inspired jerseys, MJ gloves and the Nike Vandal High Premium Women’s Shoe in Metallic Silver.

Nike Vandal High Premium Women's Shoe in Metallic Silver

4 Responses to “Beat Freaks Perform at Lakers Halftime”
  1. jcandy123 says:

    They love Nikes, don’t they?
    They did awesome a halftime too.

  2. Tha Don says:

    I missed their performance :/
    nice sneakers tho.
    Wheres the shoetures at? lol

  3. [: says:

    please lemme know if u find a video of their halftime performance! PLEASE!
    thankyou. [:

  4. sara says:

    where can i watch their performance.i only found the one when it was bgirl bonita,alison,and lindsay when they were asking for celtics shirts as a joke.

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