‘I Boombox BF’ Shirt Design

As I have said many times in previous posts, The Beat Freaks are true inspirations to their many fans.  In fact, the “I Boombox BF” Shirt (seen on Rino and Maryss in the above video) was originally designed by Beat Freaks Fan Bea (pronounced Bay-ah) Martin, aka Twinkie. Originally from the Phillippines and now living in Pennsylvania, Bea is a 15 year old (also a Gemini, she turns 16 next month) who is passionate about hip hop dancing.  She started dancing since she could walk and is currently a member of dance crew, Positive Effects.  When asked about The Beat Freaks as inspiration:

Beat Freaks inspire me because they’re..well..Beat Freaks.  I did know Rino before the show but I didn’t know she was a Beat Freak.  When I saw the Beat Freaks for the first time, I was completely blown away. I have never seen a dance crew move like the Beat Freaks and they showed so much energy when they danced.

Twinkie’s dance crew was founded in April 2009 and the members include her brother Don (aka Tha Don) and Jhuron (aka Tha Joker).  The name, Positive Effects, was also inspired by The Beat Freaks:

We love the Beat Freaks and they spread such a positive message “Freak the Dream” So, we wanted to spread a positive message & the positivity of the dance community just like what BF are doing and that is how we came up with the name & we came up with our phrase, “Keep your head up.”

Positive Effects (see them on Youtube here and here) is currently looking for their 4th and 5th members.  So, if you have the skills and live in Pennsylvania area, maybe you can be a part of this future ABDC competitor.

Below is a photo of the original shirt designed by Twinkie and created with the help of her brothers, Don and Bruce.

Original 'IBoombox BF' Shirt designed by Bea Martin (Twinkie)

Original 'I Boombox BF' Shirt designed by Bea Martin (Twinkie)

Currently, you can only purchase the ‘I Boombox BF’ tee if you attend a Beat Freaks workshop (and there are limited quantities available).  BUT… The Beat Freaks were kind enough to provide us with some shirts to give away to fans on Freak The Fashion.  Tomorrow we will give details on how you can get an “I Boombox BF” shirt of your own.

4 Responses to “‘I Boombox BF’ Shirt Design”
  1. Katie says:

    I had been wondering if the shirts were inspired by Twinkie or visa versa, haha!

    I agree completely with what she was saying about the Beat Freaks and their message. It really does make you want to just go out there and do something to keep paying it forward and spreading the positivity!

    Big Shout out to Twinkie, Positive Effects, and of course The BEAT FREAKS!

  2. nothinleft06 says:


  3. makayla says:


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