‘I Boombox BF’ Shirt Giveaway

Beat Freaks Boombox Shirt Giveaway

Here is your chance to get your hands on a limited edition ‘I Boombox BF’ shirt!  Here are the details:

Designer of the ‘I Boombox BF’ shirt, Bea (Twinkie) Martin, shared with us how The Beat Freaks inspired the name of her dance crew ‘Positive Effects’ and their mission to spread positivity.  For me, I had been training for my first marathon, but when I started watching Beat Freaks on ABDC, they inspired me to step up my training.  And yesterday I freaked my dream and completed the LA marathon!

So we want to know how have The Beat Freaks inspired you to Freak Your Dream?

Leave a comment with:

  • your age and location (city, state or province) – must be U.S. or Canadian residents only
  • How Beat Freaks have inspired you and what dreams are you freaking?

From the comments, one person will be chosen at random to receive the ‘I Boombox BF’ tee and an H&M Peace Sign Necklace (as seen in top photo).  Only one entry per person.  Your privacy is very important to us.  The email you provide on the comments form will only be used to contact you if you are the chosen winner.  We will not share your email with any third parties.

Giveaway starts: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 – Now

Giveaway ends: Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 11:59pm PST

The winner will be announced on Twitter: @FreaktheFashion

If you are not a U.S. or Canadian resident, unfortunately you are not eligible to win (due to shipping costs) but please feel free to comment… we would love to hear your answer!

57 Responses to “‘I Boombox BF’ Shirt Giveaway”
  1. jak diamond says:

    hi im jak, im 22 i live in louisville ky for now. i have been a fan of all of y’all for a while and i love how you came together to make such and awesome crew. i love beatfreaks, i saw them on abdc and i fell in love, you girls are living my dream, and honestly i dont know if i would have followed it with out your inspiration, you girls are all so talented and individual it just show that no matter who you are if you work hrd and give it your all you will freak your dreams, because of you guys i am moving to new york next month and going to the hip-hop dance conservatory. some day i want to meet you girls and some day i want to inspire other people to freak their dreams.

  2. Katie says:


    How have the Beat Freaks inspired me? Talk about a heavy question, ha!

    I know that it was the dancing first and foremost that got my attention (and a lot of others too), but it was their personalities, spirits, and message that has made so many of us, for lack of a better term, obsessed! The sheer number of BFF’s I’ve talked with from literally all over the world is a testament to these amazing ladies and what they represent!

    Since I’ve been involved with the ning site, and seen first hand the way people have been inspired to follow their dreams, I’ve been inspired to do something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a pretty big movie buff, and I have wanted for a while now to start writing a screenplay. It may in fact go no where, but I’ve learned that I’m never going to Freak my Dream if I don’t try first! I’ve decided that even though this may take a while, if I can get at least one person to read it when I’m done, and laugh, then I will have Freaked my Dream!

  3. Deborah says:

    hey, my name is deborah and i live in monroe, louisiana. and the Beat Freaks have inspired by giving me my life back. When i was 12, i had hip surgery because i had gotten a disease that deteriated the cartilege(sp?) and doctors said that i would be struggling to ever walk right ever again. But not 5 years laters, i’m not only able to walk but i’m back to playing softball and basketball, though i only started this year after seeing the Beat Freaks and now i’m trying my hand at dancing. so in a way the Beat Freaks gave me back my life.
    the dream that i am freaking right now is to get into my dream college and major in music business.

  4. My name is Tamyra from Chicago, IL and I’m 20 years old. The beat freaks are inspirational on so many levels but the greatest way they’ve inspired me to freak my dream is by inspiring me to dare to dream. For so long I have been fascinated by great people but I’ve never dared to put myself on their level doing great things. The beat freaks inspired me because in the dance world, you usually don’t see females at the forefront unless they are half naked or dancing suggestively. The beat freaks, however, came with their own style and owned the ABDC stage. They made it evident that they don’t need to sell sex….. They sold their SKILL and PASSION, which means so much more. Sooooo……. If they dared to go against the grain, then I dare to dream big. I LOVE THE BEAT FREAKS!!!

  5. Margaret Lee says:


    In the sports world, *which some people say dance is a sport and same may not* it is similar to the dance world. It is very hard and competitive. Parents would start off their child very young, with teachers and coaches. For me, I have started boxing a few months ago. The Beat Freaks have inspired me to work harder and train twice as hard to freak my dream and win my first fight in June. Not only have Beat Freaks inspired me in one area, they have also inspire me to learn how to dance (which is something I very bad at). Because of the Beat Freaks, I am able to go out and try many new things that I have wanted to do since I was 7 years old. THANK YOU BEAT FREAKS.

  6. Morganne says:

    13/Nashua, New Hampshire

    The Beat Freaks have inspired me in many ways. I never even thought about starting to dance until i watched the Beat Freaks on ABDC. But when i first saw them i knew right away that i wanted to start to dance. Bgirl Shorty inspired me to start breaking and now that i tried it I am completely addicted to it! They showed me that anyone can dance if they set their mind to it and that you can make your dreams come true. No matter what that dream may be.

  7. Jodie Bato says:

    For a writer, it is easy to find inspiration, but difficult to find a muse. BF has become both from me. I have a passion for words and story telling. The words and the stories told through dance are the most beautiful thing I’ve seen and the way BF is able to bring forth these amazing words and stories into visual intricacy is phenomenal. Also, I have always enjoyed watching people dance but after seeing BF, I’ve actually gotten out of my seat and have tried to dance myself. I’m not very good, but at least I’m trying. I normally would sit and wish I could move like a dancer, but BF has inspired me to actually try. Thank you for being such an inspiration to not only myself, not only to the females of the world, but to everyone in the world. My name is Jodie Bato from Laguna Niguel, CA and I BOOMBOX BF!

  8. Donna says:

    21, San Diego, CA

    The Beat Freaks inspired me because they are constantly following their dreams. They desire the chase and are always moving forward towards their dream. With their busy schedules, they still manage to have fun and truly live life. They have helped me freaked my dream by showing me that you could still live life to the fullest while maintaining a busy schedule.

  9. Irene says:

    Age: 21
    Location: NY

    Being a female and the youngest in my family, it was obvious my brothers always got more independence to follow whatever dreams they wanted to follow. My oldest brother is still striving to freak his dream and become a disk jockey full time, but my parents never told him it was going to be too hard or he’ll never make it. My dream was to become a professional guitarist in a rock band, but of course my parents said that career is very competitive and it’s very unlikely I’ll ever make it. They never encouraged me or made me feel like I could do anything. This is where The Beat Freaks come in. 8 powerful females who proved that dreams can come true. I was already a fan of them before the show, but their time on ABDC really changed me life with their positive words and encouragement. Not only for everyone, but for females in general because let’s be realistic..men get more advantages still to this day. Without their encouragement & motivation, I would never make the biggest move in my life. In a few months I am moving to LA on my own to learn music video production. This is a challenging intensive training course, but everytime I struggle I know I will always have The Beat Freaks words of encouragement in the back of my mind and it will make me try harder. I can’t wait to make this huge step in my life, thanks Beat Freaks for inspiring me to freak my dream because without your encouragement and motivation, it definitely would of never happened. Oh yea, and I’m also thinking of taking dance classes from them while I’m in LA, which if you knew me I used to hate dancing and would never try it for my life. Yet another dream they inspired me to try to achieve. =)

  10. danifuentes says:

    23 / Vancouver, BC

    i’m an aspiring performer (i sing & dance) currently trying to break into the industry. however i have, at times, allowed my own fears and insecurities get the best of me. fear of rejection, fear of failing… and my insecurities step from having lived in the shadow of my (very talented) brother for so long. and while i never allowed it to prevent me from performing locally, i have been too scared to take the next step. to really TRULY “freak the dream.”

    then i saw the Beat Freaks on ABDC and i was blown away by their talent and skill. these are women who have made a name for themselves in the dance industry, who have proclaimed that “everyone of them can rock a circle” (which is 100% true)… and they’re telling ME that if they can do it, i can do it too? it sounds too good to be true. but take a look at their faces as they say it and you will know: they truly believe it. they believe that every woman can freak their dreams.

    and because if this, i have mustered up enough courage to break out of my comfort zone and take that ever important “next step” into my future, into my dreams.

    thanks, BF!

  11. Kendra says:

    I’m 17 years old from Providence, Rhode Island. After watching the Beat Freaks on America’s Best Dance Crew they have have inspired me to become a better swimmer. I know swimming and dancing are two completely different sports,but they made me want to train harder every day. Since they are a group of talented girls they shared there passion and gave everything in all of their dances. I am not a dancer but for me the same goes with swimming, you train everyday and have the dream of hoping to go to the Olympics and represent your country and get the gold. Like they did on the show representing for the ladies.Beat Freaks I just want to thank you for making me want to freak my dream in becoming a better swimmer and being the top of my game!! =]

  12. Aj says:


    The Beat Freaks have inspired many people, just in these past couple months. They have freaked their dream and have inspired people to freak their own dreams. Being a full time college student and working full time, they have inspired me to work hard and stay focus when times get busy. Even though I may not want to do something, I think that in the long run everything will be worth it and i will be closer to my dream of teaching. But they have also inspired me to help freak the dreams of others. Being that I want to teach autistic children, I would love to help freak their dreams. I feel many people look at them and see them as incapable, but i feel that if they work hard enough, they can freak their own dreams as well.

  13. Im 15 and I live in Atlanta, GA…The Beat Freaks have inspired not to be as shy as I was when I was younger. My mom always told me in order for you to get out there an dance you have to make good grades in school. I’ve always made good grades an loved to dance but I was always too shy. So no one has really ever seen me dance. But every since I saw the 5th week of ABDC when Maryss did her solo, dancing really caught my attention. I’ve been practicing and dancing in front of everyone lately. When I go to Dallas for the summer, i’m planning to go to the dance studio to become a better dancer. I know that dancing is not for everyone but I feel as if it was meant for me but at the same time I feel as if i’ve evovled into one as well…

  14. morgan says:

    I’m 15 from Scranton.
    beat freaks have done soo much more than inspire me. the beat freaks not only got me into dancing again but they show led me to realize that u don’t have to pick one thing and stick with it. meeting the beat freaks and being able to dance with them made my dream come true and those 2 days were the best days of y liiife. I’ve never felt so close to people I just met before. they have made me come out of my shell and be confident with my dancing and not care if anybody says anything bad. I just stay positive. and they are the most amazing and talented people I’ve ever met and that’s how they inspire me.

  15. Chetna says:

    I am 16 and I live in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). The Beat Freaks inspired to do what I love no matter what. I made the dance crew at my school, I was pretty nervous to perform infront of hundreds of people and going to different schools to dance. I been told from the beggining that I was not as great as the other girls and it did bring me down, but when I watched week 1 it made me feel that if these girl are proving girls could be better dancers as well as the boys, that I could prove that I’m just as good as the others. Ever since then I been practicing my dance moves where ever I was and I gave what I got. For our last performances for the year, we performed infront of the school and I felt that it was my turn to shine and after that everyone has been shocked on how I dance and I hope someday I could be an inspiration just like the Beat Freaks had been for me.

  16. Katherine says:

    I’m 15 years old (almost 16!) and I’m from Boston, MA. The Beat Freaks inspire me to do anything. I can’t believe that Beat Freaks were voted the least throughout the whole season and still managed to be second runner up. This shows me that you can achieve anything with hard work and determination. I can do anything and that I set my mind to and know that I at least tried. Beat Freaks really made me love hip hop dancing and I been doing it for a year now. Knowing that Beat Freaks can dance so well, I know I can do it too!

  17. Naomie says:


    I’m 15 and I live in Quebec city, Quebec, Canada. When I first saw the Beat Freaks, they immediately inspired me. The first performance I saw of them is when Lady Jules did a headspin. When I saw that, I was like wow ! I want to do this ! And I can do it … That was the first time I saw a girl doing a headspin. Also, when Maryss did her performance on week 5 in ABDC, that was so stunning ! That brought me into popping. I’ve always been a tomboy but I was scared of what people think about me. Now I can do things no matters what people will think about me. Now I know that I can Freak my Dreams and I know that girls can be just as good as the boys. So now, I’m breakdancing and I’m also doing martial arts. In conclusion, Beat Freaks inspired me to freak my dreams and to start dancing. To not be scared of what the others think about me.

    Sorry for my english, I’m french.
    Merci beaucoup Beat Freaks. Vous êtes une grande inspiration pour moi. Continuez ce que vous faites, car avec vous, on peut vraiment croire que les rêves peuvent se réaliser. Un de mes rêves serait de vous rencontrer. Merci encore 🙂

  18. Meriam says:


    My name is Meriam. I am 16 years old and I live in Fontana, California. I have always had a passion for dance and always danced behind closed doors. For the past couple of years I have watched dance movies and always wanted to take a step forward by taking dance classes or by practicing and learning. But unfortunately that never happened. I guess it was because I never saw any incredible female dancers that grabbed my attention, so I never really had the passion for it. I watched ABDC since season 1, but I have never been into it sooo much. I remember talking to my cousin and being excited about a new season. I watched the first episode on a Sunday (online because sadly i do not have cable). After I saw the BF perform, I was completely blown away and something in me changed (i know that is very cheesy but its true. haha. =]). Anyway, I was really excited to talk to my cousin about the new season. When I saw him later that day I said, “The Beat Freaks, the all female crew, is freakin gooood! My vote is for them.” He agreed and we talked about our top 4. Throughout the season, I grew more and more in love with the BF and grew more motivated and inspired. I saw their prior works and all of their interviews. Something about them just always made me smile and made me want to for the first time ever START DANCING SERIOUSLY!

    For the past couple of months now, I have been practicing dancing, learning breaking on youtube (i have learned quite a few freezes which i am proud of. =]), took my first ever dance class. Although, I might have wanted to start with something a little easier. haha. Cause my first dance class was at the Invisible Children Workshop with the BF but I am glad my first was with my (safe to say) heroes. It is a moment that I will never forget. This fall, I will be taking dance classes and hopefully join a dance crew. So pretty much I would have to thank the BF for being my inspiration and motivation. And whenever I want to give up all I think about is the BF and I push myself. I know my siblings probably wish this season never existed because I talk about BF or ning nonstop, but I am working on that. =]. Explanation: when you admire and feel so passionate about something you cant stop doing it. In my case ning and the BF are so amazing that I cant stop talking about them. =].

    Also, I really love how in every interview when they are asked about their message of “Freak the Dream,” they always say something that sticks to you and keeps you motivated to doing your best. I know that the Beat Freaks *cough* Teresa *cough* may not always find the words to express their feeling but when you look at their passion when they dance or when you look in their eyes or when they are just speaking about life’s opportunities, you see what words can not express. You see a light of happiness in them, which makes you even more motivated towards Freaking your Dream, no matter what it is.

    I will forever and always be a supporter of the BF because of how much they have changed my life. (I know cheesy but they really have changed me in a way i can not describe) and for that I love the Beat Freaks (not in any scary way) haha. =] Forever BFF and Ning member and twitter follower!! =]

  19. Melissa (28, Cincinnati)

    The BFs have inspired me to be a better person. To be what I’ve always wanted to be. A better mother, a better house keeper, and striving to save up for what I’ve always wanted. A bigger house. We move in to our newly built home this fall! THANKS BEAT FREAKS!

  20. Hey !

    My name is Trisha Lucero. I am 15 years old & I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
    Beat Freaks inspired me because they are a group of hardcore women living their lives to the fullest. The first time I saw them on ABDC I was like “OH MY GOSH” I want to be like them ! But I know breaking & dancing aren’t really in my future but you never know right?! “FREAK THE DREAM” I’m freaking the dream by being a role model to other girls on my high school basketball & rugby team ! I want to some day inspire another girl to be at their highest potential with whatever they choose, live life with a good attitude, & to inspire another person. YA IM NOT GOOD WITH WORDS .. “FREAK THE DREAM!!”


  21. Shanelle Martinez says:

    Hello! I’m Shanelle Martinez, 15, from Houston, Texas. Wow… really what to say? The Beat Freaks inspired me in many ways from becoming more confident in myself and to try to inspire many others also. You know the stories about how people parents are rejecting their child because they think that dancing won’t take them anywhere and want them to be a doctor, nurse, or lawyer. Well, I have thoes parents and I want to show them that anything is possible if I put my mind to it. Also, I like to sing and doing that and dancing makes me want to strive to inspire others too. And doing thoes I have to get up in front of an audience and do my thing, but I am way to shy for that and when you guys preform it makes me want to be like you guys. Last but not least, they always say it’s a boy world out there and it’s not it’s all about the girls!

    Thanks so much! 😀

  22. Julia says:

    Location:Ontario, Canada

    Well when I saw the Beat Freaks first prform on ABDC I thought that they were amazing. Each week I became a bigger fan of them, no one has ever inspired me more. Because of the Beat Freaks I am going to try really hard to become a graphic designer (something that I really want to do) and I also want to learn how to break ( which I get to start in Sept. ! 😀 ). Throughout my life I have never really had a passion, or anything I was good at, but in my business class we got to do a graphic design unit, I loved it and realized that I want to be a graphic designer when I grow up. The Beat Freaks have given me courage and stregth to persure my dreams (even though it doesnt seem as big as other peoples dreams) it really means a lot, Thank You Beat Freaks !! Keep doing what you’re doing !! Beat Freaks you are amazing, and one day I hope I can inspire people just like you ladies do everyday and know what it feels like ! :]

    Peace, Julia ! \\// :] ❤

    • Julia says:

      Before I saw the BF prpeformed I was never able to stand up for myself, people who say are my friend called my music stupid, me stupid, and laugh at almost everything I do, I was soo worried with pleasing everyone I just went along with what they were saying, it has really bothered me, and I had like no self confidence, but the Beat Freaks helped me out, I have been standing up for myself and hanging around with people that dont call me a dumb blonde and dis my music. Thank you BF !! You are a true inspiration ! :]

  23. SL714 says:

    Age: 24
    Location: Chicago

    I’ve been a huge fan of the Beat Freaks ever since I saw their first performance on ABDC (they totally should have won). I love the amount of strong feminine energy they have and how they are an inspiration to everyone to follow their dreams. The dreams I am currently seeking is to touch as many lives as possible, as the beat freaks have done, through developing a non-profit organization which I feel will help many people. It’s it the works & is a lot of hard work and at times I feel it’s not possible, but I’m willing to freak the dream for a better cause! Thank you, whoever you are, for creating such an amazing blog! Also, thank you Beat Freaks for being such an inspiration to us all!

  24. kozet says:

    Age 17 Covina, California
    I’ve always had a love of hip hop dancing but it was a distant love….after Watching Beat Freaks amazing performances day in and day out, i got up the courage to take hip hop classes at my nearest dance studio. I absolutely love it and im meeting great people on the way to this journey of finding out who i am. I am a girl who loves to hip hop dance, and a girl who absolutely LOVES the beat freaks. They encouraged me to do what i love to do.

  25. Mia Salaveria says:

    Hey! I’m Mia, 15, and I live in Byram NJ. I’m a HUGE fan of Beat Freaks and regular at NING:) Beat Freaks are my BIGGEST inspiration when it comes to life especially dancing. I’ve been teaching myself how to dance ever since I was 11. I’ve watched all three seasons of ABDC and no other crew struck me like Beat Freaks did. Their dancing just AMAZED me and also the fact that they were able to do tricks better than the guys. I also found out that they happened to be the industry’s leading female hip hop dancers mashed into one group. Their resumes alone amazes me too. I’ve always considered being a dancer professionally for a year now and after seeing Beat Freaks, that is the current dream I am trying to freak. I hope to move to LA after highschool and go pursue college and dancing. I’ve made steps since then. I got a few people in my school to dance with me in the talent show. I also found out my new school has a dance team and I plan on joining it. I’m trying to get as much experience as I can to achieve my dream. Another dream I am trying to freak is meeting the Beat Freaks. Hopefully I can freak that dream soon…and maybe along the way even become a Beat Freak:)

  26. 15 years old

    my twitter name is @vicvicsanchez

    Ok so I think everyone knows that I am OBSESSED with ABDC finalists Beat Freaks. Teresa, Rino, Shorty, Maryss, Keeley, Lindsey, Al*Star, and Lady Jules r a HUGE inspiration on me because these girls are not just really dope dancers but they all have a really good heart and they follow their DREAMS ! These girls come from all over but all currently residing in LA working from 8 in morning to about 2 o’clock in the morning the next day and doing it again day by day. These girls barley sleep only to keep on Freakin’ The Dream and making their family, friends and fans happy and doing wat they love because it is a passion and I wanna do the same thing only with vocals and someday work with these girls. After watching the ABDC finalle when host Mario Lopez said ” I’m sorry but beat freaks u ladies had a nice run on this show (or something like that i was to depressed so i forgot) but he said but while you take ur final walk off the stage ur banner must fall” I cried in disappointment but stoped when Mario handed the mic to Teresa when she said that she and the Beat Freaks only did the show to spread the word about girls doing wat b-boys can do (or something like that i was to upset to kinda focus) and she said that their message came across for people to follow their dreams because THEY REALLY DO COME TRUE! The beat freaks are strong powerful girls who were the only all girl dance crew to make it to the finals thru tough challenges and amazing competition and these girls proved their point of their saying “FREAK THE DREAM!”

    Hello my name is Victoria and I am not only an obsessed beat freak fan but I will FREAK MY DREAM of becoming a Singer,Dancer,Actress,and a Choreographer! All I need is some hard practice and proper training and I will do it

  27. Vivian says:

    Hello my name is Vivian Iam 16. I live in Lynn MA. Beat freaks have inspired me a lot in MANY ways.I have been dancing since I could walk but then stoped for a long time because I thought I wasnt good enough.I changed my mind and got back to dancing again but at that time I was having some trouble in my life so stoped.I remembered that day when ABDC started ep, 1and then Beat Freaks came on and I was like WOW this ladies are AMAZING and made a huge impact to my life. Even though I havent met the girls but I consider them as a part of my life because they motivate and encourage me to be the best not only in dancing but in life as well.I know I may not become a Beat Freak but I know in the future I can have my own beat freaks like Maryssfromparis said in a interview.Im going and will Freak my dream and the first step is to convince and change my parents mind about dancing and this is what I want to do in life. When that day comes and tell them that the first people I will go to and thank a lot would be the Beat Freaks. Just like the Beat Freaks are making a huge impact and changing the world I want to do the same in my community.Here at Lynn dancing is not respected and that is why with the Beat freaks message and motivations I want to create a learning center for children and teenagers to keep them away from temptations practically the streets and make them freak their dream as well and even thought is going to take a lot work and obsticles are gonna be in the way I know I can do it. Also because of the Beat Freaks I started a dance team at my school and my classmates enjoy it very much and soon Im planning to create my own crew. Right now one of my biggest dreams is to meet the girls and share with them my experiences and most important my goals and dreams. Theres no words to describe in this world about these wonderful group of ladies and my feeling towards them. Everytime I see them perform they give me chills.I can go on forever but these are the main things. I LOVE THE BEAT FREAKS to death even my little brother loves them!!!! FREAK THE DREAM!!! ,

  28. Vicky says:

    Hey, I’m Vicky, I’m 13 and I live in San Jose, California.
    Well, I’m a huge fan of the Beat Freaks of course, & they inspired me to freak my dream.
    I always thought that girls couldn’t spin on their heads, & do other breaking moves, but then on the first episode of ABDC they changed my mind. I was like “woww” now, I actually take hip hop lessons, & I plan to find my own Beat Freaks one day. Dancing isn’t just one of my dreams, school & grades are important too. When I heard the phrase, “freak the dream” it gave me such a feeling. I took my state tests, & i kept thinking to myself,”freak your dream, Vicky!” & i really focused on the tests, & I have a feeling that I’m gonna do well when my grades come back. Beat Freaks mean a lot to me, and they make me really happy, and if they inspire girls & boys to freak their dreams, I’m down for it! I’m gonna freak my dream for the rest of my life. One of my other dreams is to meet the Beat Freaks, & I will never ever give up that dream ❤

  29. Charleen Du says:

    Age: 15
    Location: Cerritos, California

    Heeeeeeeey! Well, as we all know, the beat freaks are AMAZING! Truly, I mean, their purpose to inspire people to follow their dreams was successful. Their message really got across and to me, that’s better than winning ABDC. I really love to dance hip hop. My older sister is a great hip hop dancer and is on a dance team. I feel like I’m living in her shadow because she’s so talented at what she does and I keep doubting myself that I’d never be able to become as good as her. And I’m really shy too when it comes to dancing because I do care what people think. I know I shouldn’t, because that idea keeps bringing me down. I would lock myself up in my room and dance there. After falling in love with the beat freaks from watcing ABDC, I would watch more of their performances on youtube. And I would never get tired of the performances, even though they’re all mostly the same. Like, I can see their main performance that they use for most shows in my head. I know it in detail from beginning to end. As I continue to keep watching their dance videos and hearing them say “freak your dream” numerous times, I no longer feel I should keep dancing only to myself. Now, I’ve gotten the courage to go out and dance in public. My sister and I already confirmed that we’re going to be taking pac camp over the summer, which is managed by pac modern. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty nervous. But at the same time, I’m anxious and eager and excited to learn good choreography, meet new people, and just become a better dancer altogether.
    So to sum this all up, the beat freaks encouraged me to go out there and just freak life to the fullest. Because of them, I no longer have to keep myself locked up in my room. I’m going to try new things, starting with pac camp and hopefully take more dance classes. My goal is to be in a dance group. Now, I think ANYTHING’S possible because of the beat freaks’ message. Thanks guys!

  30. Paul Mitchel says:

    paul m.p.
    san diego

    at 20, its hard to still have a dream and to follow, i wish i was eight again. but as a united state marine, the beat freaks (abdc) has entertained me whenever i had the time to watch during the hard times deployed.

    i did get to meet all the members of BF while i was on my memorial leave at 5&aDime San Diego. and my breath was taken away…. oh shorty. haha. but anyways, i feel that this crew has done a lot to spread a good message to the world and I salute them for taking their time out of their schedules to do so

  31. nani says:

    hello..my name is nani..i am 20 years old & i live in kansas city missouri..the beat freaks have inspired me to dance of course, and i am pursuing my love to dance. All my life i have been bigger than my peers. No one would have ever thought i could ever be a dancer at my weight. The beat freaks have inspired me to not listen to what anyone says and to freak my dream no matter what. The haters may still be there, but i know what i want to do, and that is DANCE!..so i am freaking my dream to dance, thanks to the beat freaks:)

  32. Erica H. says:

    I am 16 and from San Diego California… The Beat Freaks have inspired me to put myself out there more which has made me realize my love of writing poetry… Ever since then, I have tried to express my feelings through poetry…so i decided what better way to write another one …
    Freaking My Dream
    Ever since I was a little girl,
    I have dreamed of having everything in the world.
    The thing that I wanted the most
    was not to boast
    but to have the opportunity to be a writer….
    and think that the sun shone just a little brighter.
    However the thing that terrified me
    was attempting to write poetry
    I always seemed to write something cheesy,
    because the words just didn’t flow freely.
    But as if by some miracle everything has changed
    and the stars seem to have rearranged.
    Normally I don’t believe in those kinds of things,
    but there is an energy that the Beat Freaks bring.
    They give me the strength to express myself,
    and clean the dust off of my internal shelf.
    I guess that seems kind of cheesy as well,
    but as you should be able to tell,
    this is who I am finally introducing myself to be,
    This description of me is no longer false imagery.
    I don’t really care whether you agree,
    because I know in my heart that this is me.
    I realized not only another of my passions,
    but also I know that expression doesn’t have to come in rations.
    To truly be happy you need to follow your dream,
    which is not always what it seems.
    At first I thought that I wanted to dance,
    but that was when I was in a trance…
    although dancing is a lot of fun,
    I know that it is not my true calling.
    I only did it because the Beat Freaks had inspired me to try something new,
    but I realize my talents in dance are few…
    For my true dream is to be a poet,
    and now I just have to show it.
    My main problem was that I was shy,
    but now I am willing to give it a try.
    They say the first step is the hardest to take,
    however it was one that I knew wasn’t a mistake.
    Ever since then I have written many a rhyme,
    because whenever I have too much time,
    I have the words spilling out,
    for I am freaking my dream…without a doubt. 🙂

    • Meriam says:

      WOOOOO!!!! that was incredible and amazing!!! good job and i hope u become successful with poetry and i’ll definitely buy ur poetry book when it comes out. =]. and i’ll be first in line at barnes n nobles to get it signed. =]

  33. Rahasha says:


    My name is Rahasha and I’m 39 years old. The BF are soo awesome and have inspired me by making me realize that eventhough I am old, I can still dance! And boy can I dance! I love the Beat Freaks soo much. I used to be really overweight, but recently I’ve lost soo much fat because all I want to do now is dance! I dance almost everyday now! Thank you soo much, Beat Freaks!!


  34. Twinkie says:

    Wow! The necklace is soo BUCC!! Is it possible if I could just get the necklace?lol

    I |̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅| BF!!!

  35. Just wanna say…
    I love both of them. The shirt and the necklace.

    And congratulations
    I hope you did well on your marathon. (:

    Take care
    I wish you and the people that commented more success in the future.

  36. Well the first time I saw the Beat Freaks I was not a fan. But by the second preformance I was hooked. I voted for an hour after each show. I recorded each performance up to the last episode. I voted for a week till the March 5th at 10:00. I even had my mom to vote too. I though their message other people out there might could recieve the same blessing I have. The Beat Freaks have inspired my to Freak my Dream. And to Freak anything eles I want to do in mylife and the ones around me. First they have inspired me to finsh my schooling for Phlebotomy(drawing blood). I finsh school on June 10th. I dont think I would have made it this far if it was not for them. I saw how much they loved to dance and what to inspire others to do the same in what ever their dream me be. 2nd thing Lady Jules inspired me to get to fit. Go out and sweat today? So me and my friend have been walking everyday we can to get fit and eat heatlhy. not only for us but our children too. I cant dance much but I try. 3rd thing Keeley and the other ladies seeing how they did everything through God has just put a feeling on my heart to what to go back to chruch and get right with the Lord. How God has blessed them each day. Just amazed me. Ive been in chruchs all my life. Im bapitized too. but I have not been in about a year. Since the show I have not missed a day of chruch. I pray everyday and read my bible. I think God sent the Beat Freaks to me too wake me up and come back to hear his word.
    That’s how Im Freakin My Dreams. Things happen for a reason and I think that how he used the Beat Freaks. So thanks you all so much. I could not ask for anything more than what all of yall do now. thank you so much. And I hope someday soon you will get your dream to be with Micheal Jackson. Freak the Dream America!!!!!

    Love Kristie Rodrguez
    South Carolina

  37. Giuliana says:

    Yo! I’m Giuliana, 20, and I live in Lake Wales FL. Im pretty sure just like everyone else here Im just a HUGE Beat Freak Fan. Not only Beat Freaks are such amazing ladies, dancers and respectful but also inspiring… I remember the day i saw them on ABDC… I was just like DAMN thats the only word that can actually describe my reaction.
    They have inspired sooo many people, not only in the US but around the globe. Most people have been inspirired to go back to dancing or to start dancing, but with me they have inspired me to follow what i think is right… Ever since i can remember i always wanted to be a Pediatrician and travel around the world helping kids in need, specially in Africa where they dont have all the beautiful stuffs that we do. So when i heard about Freak the Dream! I inmidiatly thought about my dream of becoming a Pediatrician. So i started looking at Universities around the US. and out of nowhere i got a call from a University in the Dominican Republic about this awesome Medical School and they saw my records and offered me a scholarship.
    I was so happy, but first i needed to take a test,(Since the Dominican Republic is a spanish speaking country i had to take it in spanish) and i thought… Jeez how am i gonna do that, let me say that i’m from Peru but lived in the US for 9 yrs now, and i havent take a spanish test in 9 yrs, so it was gonna be a little bit hard… but that wasn’t gonna stop me from freaking my dream, so i got the study guide and study my butt off, i think i only had about 20 hrs of sleep on the week and a half i had to study, so i took the test about a week ago and im just waiing for the results… All i know at the end everything is gonna be worth it, every hour, minute, second, everything is gonna be worth it.
    So all i need to say is THANK YOU!!! The Beat Freaks for such an amazing inspiration, and such great role models… So everyone keep Freaking your Dream!! and dont let anyone or anything get on ur way to freak your dream…

    Giuliana… FREAK THE DREAM!!!!

  38. Michelle Lee says:

    I’m 14 and I’m from California. I’ve been dancing ever since I was 5, also the same age that I found out I was diabetic, type 1. Since I found out, I stopped dancing til the age of 10, I had a passion for it, but than I soon lost it. Feeling like my passion was lost, the Beat Freaks inspired me to dance with that passion that I use to have. I thank you for getting your message across. If it wasn’t for the Beat Freaks I don’t think I would have my passion to dance again. Now I’m inspired to be as good as the other talents dancers out there and to spread the message that dancing isn’t about being cool or because everyone’s doing it, but because its a form of expression of art, passion, and because its just simply something people love to do. Maybe dancing is for everyone, it just takes more effort for some, like me. And I admit, its hard, but its worth it.

    I know I’m already freaking my dream.

  39. Char says:

    Age : 16
    Location : Los Angeles , CA

    How has Beat Freaks inspired Me and what dreams Am I freaking? Well since forever I’ve always had the passion to dance but never took it really serious because my dad always thought it would never get me far. Always discouraged but respecting his thoughts about dance, I never took classes or join the dance team at my school. But after seeing Beat Freaks on ABDC and showing how far they have gotten it made me realize that I too can go far with dance. They are truly my inspiration and in the future I hope to open up dance studios all around the world in areas where under privileged kids who don’t have a place to go to dance, can come and have a great time and maybe they too will freak their dream as I hope to do myself. (:

  40. Kristi C says:

    I am 18 years old from Omaha, Nebraska. The first time I watched a Beat Freak performance was actually after ABDC ended. I don’t watch MTV so I completely missed the show and one of my friends brought up Quest Crew. I had no idea what she was talking about so I looked it up. I was impressed with Quest but then I saw Beat Freaks and something hit me. I can’t even explain it. It was like a sudden wave of emotions overcoming me. An urge to dance. Dance like I’ve never been able to before. See I’ve loved dancing ever since I was little, but never been able to express myself fully. I’m the youngest of three and my family is not exactly rich, so my parents couldn’t really afford to send me to dance class because they would have to pay for whatever my brothers wanted to do too(they like to keep things fair). I probably would have made my high school dance team (my friends on the team told me so) but again i couldn’t afford it. Now I’m in college and I feel like I lost my chance to dance. My college has an amazing dance team but they are very classically trained and I have no formal training. My dream is to make it on the team next year and the Beat Freaks have inspired me to freak that dream. They are such amazing women and I love seeing (and hearing) everything that they do. With every performance my love and passion for dancing grows. I just want to thank Keeley, Teresa, Maryss, Jules, Rino, and Shorty for everything. Keep on Freakin’ the Dream!

  41. Meaghan says:

    im 16 and i live in Milan, Michigan. the beat freaks have made me realize that i dont have to give up my dream of dancing. i used to dance but everyone always told me you’ll never go anywhere with dancing. regretably i stopped dancing , but it was mostly time issues . when i first say ABDC , no one really inspired me to pick dancing up again , i had thoughts like i wish i could do that , but nothing actually struck me as i CAN do that . then i saw the beat freaks . i was stunned at how amazing they were , they are the only group on the show to inspire me to dance again . i admit quest crew was good , but the beat freaks were always better . because of the beat freaks i have started to dance again, i am attempting to learn to breakdance , and lets not forget about my phone bill after voting for them each week . i may even go to a dance camp this summer . the beat freaks have changed my life in so many ways its hard to put in words .

  42. Ryan H says:

    Hey I’m Ryan 19 years old live in Ontario Canada. Beat Freaks has inspired me a lot for being such a passionate group of individuals working as one. Just the way they do their thing you can see it in their movement and emotion how much passion they bring on to the stage. For some reason i just found a lot of inspirations from dancers and the Beat Freaks just bring that on a whole new level. Honestly just showing the capabilities and what we can drive ourselves to accomplish. For me its finding a drive and creativity in my work as a graphic design. I recently just finished my first year in my graphic design program at York University. Watching the Beat Freaks this year on ABDC full of confidence and always pushing themselves to be better. For me I’ve always been trying to pursue that in my work. Even with all the critiques I get I wanna turn that around and build on it with positive energy. Beat Freaks are a great influence on the energy and goals I can discover and reach within my life.

  43. Kristen Lee says:

    Age: 14 years old
    Location: Rosemead, California

    How Beat Freaks have inspired you and what dreams are you freaking?

    First and foremost, everyone knows that professional athletes that are men get more recognition and appreciation than female athletes, and we, as women, definately deserve more than that. Their reasoning is that since we are girls, we can’t compete to the same level that they can, which is completely untrue, unfair, and unreasonable. I’ve spent a lot of my time playing basketball with a lot of guys, and it gets very discouragaing at times. I’ve heard countless made up excuses that they come up with to not let me play, a majority of them being, “You can’t play because you’re a girl.” That does not make one bit of sense to me! Sometimes I’d feel like there’s a huge possibilty that they were right–I can’t be as good as them because I’m just a girl. However, when I first saw the Beat Freaks perform on ABDC, it was such an inspiration. It was like I had found what I was searching for–people I could relate to yet look up to at the same time. Even though they’re dancers and I’m an athlete, the positive message that they were trying to send was so strong that it reached out to every single person out there, regardless of location, age, race, etc. The hard word, determination, and dedication the Beat Freaks put into their performances could be easily detected, and that was what gave me that “push” to put all that extra effort into everything I did.

    Every time someone tries to bring me down now, I just picture the words in my head–Freak The Dream. Freak MY Dream. I’m Asian and standing at 5ft tall, but I plan to and WILL freak my dream of becoming a professional basketball player. Before the Beat Freaks, my dream was to become a BETTER basketball player. But, I learned from them to dream BIG and to believe in yourself, so that is exactly what I am doing.

    I’d like to thank the Beat Freaks for inspiring me to freak my dream,
    and freakthefashion for giving me the opportunity to share how they have inspired me!

    -Kristen L =)

  44. abbi says:

    I’m a 15 year-old from Vancouver, BC. The Beat Freaks have inspired me in many ways, in terms of dance and in other areas of my life. In the past few years I have been incredibly interested in dance, and have been watch lots of dance like SYTYCD, ABDC, choreoagraphy on youtube, bboys outside the Art Gallery, etc. I have always admire these dancers, I love their movement, and passion. And I have always wanted to dance like them, but I found that I fall hesitant everytime it comes to oppurtunities to learn, and my nerves get the best of me, and I decide to hold it back for next time. The same goes for this organization I have been since I’ve been a part of since I was very young and, I have always dreamed about being pne of the team leaders. Having outgrown the organization’s programs and have been a leader for a couple of years, and this year the opputunity to be an assistant team leader came up, and again I became hesitant, and afraid that I wont get the position, and found myself, wanting to wait for next year. But watching the 3rd season of ABDC, I fell in love with the Beat Freaks because they were a strong female crew that represented women without sell themselves short, which is very inspirational from the sart. As I watched the season I noticed the many strong crews, but the Beat Freaks’ were not only amazing in the variety of skills they bring to the dance floor (ie. popping, locking, breaking, housing, etc.), but they are inspirational too, they have inspired me to take a risk and challenge myself by heading fown to a studio and signing up to dance classes, and applying for the assistant team leader position. Over the couple of years I have watched many talented dancers and crews on SYTYCD, ABDC, and many other performances. And although they are all very talented, and I respect them all, not one of those dancers or crews were able to do what the Beat Freaks did and inspired me to stop wishing to be able to dance like them and doing so instead. TheBeat Freaks are the only dancers that inspired me to get up and learn how to dance. And now, I can proudly say that I am finally taking those dance lessons, and I am officially one of the assistant team leader. I have to give a huge thank-you to the Beat Freaks for inspiring me to challenge myself, to severe, to not wait and get to things right away, and to do everything I do to my fullest because it is not enough to do good(well), when you have the ability to do better, and most importantly to freak my dream. The Beat Freaks have and will continue to inspire me and many other people around the world. Thanks Maryss, Lindsey, Shorty, Teresa, Rino, Jules, Keeley, and Alison.
    FREAK the DREAM.

  45. Ashley says:

    Ashley 24 LA, California

    The Beat Freaks have inspired me because of the way they have reached out to their fans. As famous as they are, and getting more famous everyday, they still have time to facebook/tweet/ning with fans. Once Jules asked on Facebook/Twitter what everyoneKs dreams were and how we were freaking the. I said that I went to school for Massage Therapy and wanted to massage for my living. (Instead of the dead end job I’m at) I was shocked the next day when she actually responded to me!! She said it was an awesome dream and to keep freaking. Since then I got off my butt, and I have passed out business cards to people I meet and talk to about massage, people at my sisters salon and the gym. I’m gaining a bigger clientel and getting better at my practice. I have actually made it a point to talk to people and let them know the benefits from massage more than it just feeling good. I’ve gained a lot of confedence in myself and promoting myself. It’s a dream in progress, but I’m freaking it everyday!!

    Jules, if you still want your free massage just ask!! 🙂

    Also, I love each and every Beat Freak Fan I’ve met so far and hope to meet more!!

  46. Anissia says:

    Well first off just let me say that the beat freaks have inspired me so much with not just dancing but what their message was. They have reached out to so many people and thats amazing. Theses girls have had an impact on many peoples lives and i am so happy that they were on abdc cause the show needed a crew like that. They weren’t worried about winning they just wanted to get out there message which was FREAK YOUR DREAMM!!!!They have actually helped me freak my dream by getting me to do what there doing and trying to reach out to paople to follow there dreams and not let anyone or anything stop them!!!!!Well i guess thats it and last but not least I LOVE YOU BEAT FREAKS AND YA’LL ARE MY INSPIRATION!!!!

  47. Anissia says:

    My name is Anissia i am 17 and i live in Waco, Texas

  48. Anissia says:

    My name is Anissia i am 17 and i live in Waco, Texas

    Well first off just let me say that the beat freaks have inspired me so much with not just dancing but what their message was. They have reached out to so many people and thats amazing. Theses girls have had an impact on many peoples lives and i am so happy that they were on abdc cause the show needed a crew like that. They weren’t worried about winning they just wanted to get out there message which was FREAK YOUR DREAMM!!!!They have actually helped me freak my dream by getting me to do what there doing and trying to reach out to paople to follow there dreams and not let anyone or anything stop them!!!!!Well i guess thats it and last but not least I LOVE YOU BEAT FREAKS AND YA’LL ARE MY INSPIRATION!!!!

  49. KH says:

    How have the beat freaks inspired me to freak my dream?
    Beat Freaks had a huge impact on my life and inspired me to “freak the dream”! I’ve been playing soccer for 14 yrs but stopped playing for a while b/c I didn’t believe that I was good enough to play for a division 1 school. When i saw the Beat Freaks on ABDC saying to always follow your dreams, it inspired me to start playing soccer again. Every morning I woke up early and ran to get back in shape, and practiced soccer everyday, It was hard getting back in shape, and sometimes I wanted to quit, whenever I would be ready to quit I would tell myself “freak the dream” over and over again, and that pushed me to keep going. After a month I was ready to play and I sent out videos of me playing to different coaches and some coaches from divison 1 schools emailed me and offered me a spot on their team and a scholarship.Now I am in the process of deciding which team to play for. So thanks to the Beat Freaks I am able to live my dream of playing divison 1 soccer. So if you ever see me playing professional soccer or playing in the Olympics it will be because the Beat Freaks inspired me to Freak my Dream. I can’t thank you ladies enough because if it weren’t for the Beat Freaks and the message you guys sent out, I probably wouldn’t be living my dream right now. So thank you so much for changing my life Beat Freaks!!

  50. Rachel Mizuno says:

    i am 18 years old and from Mililani, Hawaii. The beat freaks have inspired me in several ways. They have inspired me to keep trying and to never give up. a few days before ABDC i sprained my ankle really bad in warm ups of my first tennis match of the season. And i was kind of giving up on tennis already because i did the exact same thing the year before, sprain my ankle in the first match. I sprained it three more times through the year, right after it healed from the previous injury. But then i saw the beat freaks and their passion for dance made be realize that i love tennis and motivated me to push through rehab again to play tennis. And i was able the play the last half of the season! They have also inspired me to start dancing too. i always loved (watching) dancing because i never had any time. I am kinda a hardcore tennis player where i play like everyday, almost. But now they inspired my and ignited my passion for dance even more and now i am going to take classes in college. Lastly they have inspired me to help the world out more. When beat freaks started Freak the Dream it reminded my of how i wanted to start a charity. But i never really believed that i would start one, just dreams. and now i am inspired and determined to follow through on this charity.

  51. Peter Tran says:

    My parent were divoiced when I was four and I lived with my father until I was sixteen. It wasnt easy living with him because he didn’t believe in god and doesn’t do any of the cathloic church practices. Although all my life my grandparents had always taken me to church every Sunday, I had never received my first communion or confirmation. All my life I have always wanted a connection with God but had been distracted for some reason. When I saw season three ABDC finale and saw Teresa Espinosa talk about whatever your passion in life is just go for, and follow your dream. After that episode I have done nothing but live by the “Freak the Dream” quote. I went to bible school received my communion, getting my confirmation tomorrow, and most importantly I now feel closer to God than ever before. Also I didnt know where I was going at an educational level because my family wanted me to go to the medical field but my passion has always been majoring in business. I have studied harder in school making sure I passed all my classes this semester and thanks to the Beat Freaks that finally after struggling in community college for five years that I will start my fall semester classes at the university level.

    Of course my family and friends are here to support me and are very happy for me, but to be honest a lot of what I have accomplished in the past two and a half months would not have been completed without listening to the positive messages of the Beat Freaks. The Beat Freaks to me is more than just a dance crew, they are about over coming obstacles, and never letting anyone or anything stand in the way of your passion in life. A special thank you goes out from me to the Beat Freaks, they have helped my future and I will encourge everyone around me to Freak the Dream just like I did.

  52. Kyleigh says:

    I’m Kyleigh. I’m 16 years old and from Weatherford, Oklahoma.
    I’m very determined to become a performer. I started dancing when I was eight years old. Jazz was the first type of dance I learned, and I continued to learn it for about two years. I started performing/competing pretty young, so I’ve never had much of an issue with confidence. Outside of taking dance classes, I was a huge Britney Spears fan and I would play her music videos over and over until I had her dances down. Her dancing was a little different from jazz, but that’s why I loved learning her choreography, because it was different, fun, and fast paced. In middle school, I made the dance team and started learning hip hop. I was a little familiar with it, because some of Britney’s stuff I had learned had a hip hop feel to it. I became really good at it and our team competed and had a super successfull season. I’m now in high school, and they don’t have a dance team. Me and some fellow dance team members been trying to convince the school for two years to get a dance team, but they never go for it. There aren’t many hip hop dance classes to take around here anymore, so I spend a lot of my time learning choreography off of Youtube. Ever since I learned hip hop, I fell in love with it. When I dance, it takes over my body and I just move naturally now. It’s an incredible feeling, but still there’s something missing… and that’s an audience, and the atmosphere of competition. I don’t want to spend forever dancing in front of the mirror everyday, I want to be NOTICED by people, but I don’t know where to start. I’ve been a huge ABDC fan since season one. When season three rolled around, I became a fan of Beat Freaks instantly from the first episode. I had already recognized Teresa and Rino from past Britney Spears videos. Even though BF didn’t win, they got their message across and I was super proud that a girl group actually made it to the finals. Beat Freaks have shown me how powerful dancing really is, especially by a group of women. They’ve shown me all the possibilites there are with hip hop, and how creative you can be. They’ve also shown me that you can be a girl and dance WITHOUT having to wear booty shorts and heels, which is one of my favorite things about them. They’ve proven that you can wear the baggiest, most gangster looking clothes, but still look sexy and put on a show. Beat Freaks have inspired me to keep going and never give up until I reach my goal. I have the confidence, all I need is a starting point to get going, and one day I will find that. I know I can become a performer, and I know I can become noticed, because Beat Freaks did. Beat Freaks have helped me find a unique way of expressing myself through dance, and they’ve inspired ME to inspire OTHER people.

  53. freakthefashion says:

    Congrats to Nani (comment #33) and Victoria Sanchez (comment #28) for winning the ‘I Boombox BF’ shirt and H&M Peace Sign Necklace.

    Thank you to everyone who participated!

    Another chance to win the shirt and necklace is coming up…

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