Beat Freaks: Jersey Numbers

Beat Freaks x Lakers 3

From the first time I saw The Beat Freaks wear their basketball jerseys in Lakers colors on ABDC, I wanted one of those.  Who knew they’d be using them to perform at a Lakers conference finals halftime show.  This past weekend at Team Millenia Dance Center, I had a chance to ask them the meaning behind their jersey numbers.

  • Bgirl Shorty #11: This is her lucky number and the age she first started dancing
  • Teresa #22: This is her favorite number and also her birthday, 6/22.  She even has the number 22 in her personalized license plate.  Whenever she is driving and sees the number 22 on a license plate, “It’s a reminder that life is perfect and I’m where I’m supposed to be in life. With the good and the bad, life is perfect! And that makes me happy!”
  • LindseyB #27: This is her lucky number.  In fact, she turned 27 on 6/27 in 2007!
  • Lady Jules #33: This number is special to her as a symbol of her faith (Jesus’ age)
  • Maryss #88: The significance is from the year of her brother Hichem’s birth, 1988.  You probably recall Maryss’ shirt in the ABDC week 5 episode that said, “Hichem 88”
  • Rino #098: The area code for Okinawa
  • Keeley #143: Text code for ‘I Love You’

Finally, my curiosity has been satiated.

[Photos courtesy of LeeJ]

10 Responses to “Beat Freaks: Jersey Numbers”
  1. nothinleft06 says:

    WOW nice to KNOW i always wondered what they represented! thanx

  2. stephanie says:

    Wow mystery solved! Thanks

  3. Shortyfan87 says:

    Yes! thanks for this post always wanted to know. At least I got one of them right, lol..Keeley’s jersey!

  4. Katie says:

    Wow! Thanks, I know there were a bunch of bff’s who wanted to know the significance!

    Those pictures were amazing! I just hope someone out there actually got a video of it!?

  5. psoccer11 says:

    shorty, number 11 is my favorite and lucky number too! lol its been my soccer number and every other sports number since i was 4! lol

  6. [: says:

    i wouldve never guessed this[except the birthday ones]
    thanks so much for solving the mysterey!


  7. I |̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅| BF says:

    I’ve always wondered what those numbers meant
    Finally, I’m not cying from curiosity

  8. Giuliana says:

    Well atleast i got 3 right… Thank you

  9. [: says:

    by the way, is ther video for their halftime performance?

  10. Excellent blog post. I certainly love this website.
    Keep writing!

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