Beat Freaks Six Degrees of Separation

I made a very interesting connection last night and thought it would be great to share on Freak The Fashion.  You may think Twilight, the bestselling, teenage-vampire-lovestory, has nothing to do with The Beat Freaks, but think again.  It’s all a circle and somehow we are all interconnected.  How many degrees of separation are there … Continue reading

Music Monday: Rootbeer is My Ninja!

We already know Bgirl Shorty is My Ninja! But who else?  If you’ve seen the My Ninja! lookbooks, then you may recognize musicians Pigeon John and Flynn Adam as My Ninja!  The pair are also Rootbeer, a side project with their debut EP “Pink Limousine” available on iTunes.  According to their bio: The simple shortcut … Continue reading

Beat Freaks at Renegade Rockers Event

The Beat Freaks made their way to San Francisco June 21st and 22nd, performing at Renegade Rockers 26th anniversary event.  Here’s how they Freak The Fashion in Northern California: Bastard and Friends Flat Fitty Logo Hat: Nike Lightweight Aqua Women’s Jacket: Punkrose Retro Graffiti High Top: Have a look at the Bastard &  Friends Blog … Continue reading

The Beat Freaks Reflect on Michael Jackson

It goes without saying that Michael Jackson is a HUGE influence on the Beat Freaks.  Every Beat Freaks routine has some ode to MJ, whether it be the moonwalk, pelvic thrusts, a shiny glove, smooth criminal lean, a Billie Jean pose, a simple fedora, a Michael Jackson tee, etc., etc.  For me, the news of … Continue reading

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

The world is in mourning with the passing of Michael Jackson yesterday. He was an inspiration for so many and has affected the lives of us all in one way or another. Few others have influenced mankind in so many ways as Michael Jackson has. The King of Pop is a legend not only in … Continue reading

Rino Style from Head to Toe

Kid Robot Fitted Hat: 88 Tees Hawaii Shirt and Kid Robot Hat (birthday gift to Rino from BUSOG): Colonize Doraemon Hoodie and Harajuku Lovers Bag: G-Star Raw Jeans: Custom NIKEiD:

This Is It! for Maryss From Paris

Congratulations to Maryss from Paris who made it official on June 22, 2009 at 7:29pm PST that she will be a part of Michael Jackson’s This Is It Concert.  Here is the tweet from @MaryssfromParis: Let me make it official… Will be part of the London local background for MJ concert… Booked my ticket, paid … Continue reading

‘Happy Birthday Shawty’

Teresa Espinosa celebrated the third of four Beat Freak June birthdays yesterday.  Wow!  How many people get a video made and a song written for them on their birthday?  Teresa has a solid friend in Cole Walliser who did just that.  He put together an amazing video of Teresa’s signature dance moves set to a … Continue reading

Tattooed Steel

The Beat Freaks have some die-hard fans out there.  A few are so dedicated that they have decided to Freak the Ink with Beat Freaks-inspired tattoos (see photos at bottom).  For those of us who aren’t quite as brave, there is Tattooed Steel.  Founded by Los Angeles-based artist/engineer, Jared Van Orman, Tattooed Steel are the … Continue reading

My Ninja! Summer 2009

My Ninja! Summer 2009 is finally here!