Beat Freaks Freak The Globe

Beat Freaks Freak The Globe

The Beat Freaks have been busy traveling all over, from East Coast to West Coast to the Pacific Islands and back.  On June 13th, they take another trip to the East Coast for World of Dance, New York.  Just like its West Coast counterpart, World of Dance will include dance competitions, independent streetwear vendors, as well as meet & greet and performances by The Beat Freaks and The Ringmasters.  They will also be holding auditions for America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4.  Check out the flyer for more details.

And, yes, I have A LOT of work to do, which has lead me to successfully procrastinate and create a Freak The Globe Interactive Google Map.  Keep track of where The Beat Freaks have been and where they are going on their quest for WORLD DOMINATION!!! (okay… their quest to spread the Freak The Dream message)

[The map is by no means a complete or official listing of events.  Please visit The Beat Freaks Events page for upcoming performances and workshops.]

Which cities would you like to see The Beat Freaks visit?

6 Responses to “Beat Freaks Freak The Globe”
  1. Tamyra says:

    Come on to the midwest! Chi-town needs the beat freaks 😀

  2. Midwest... says:

    please come to midwest.
    It’s part of america too!!!
    [Specifically southern wisconsin or northern illinois…]
    nah jk, but please come somehwer near by!
    *cough* Baraboo, WI *cough*

  3. Anissia says:


  4. please come to Indonesia!!

  5. Vick says:

    Hey remember you can save $5 off your ticket with online promo code : trendsetter

  6. Vick says:

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