Beat Freaks Help Redefine ‘Dimepiece’

DimePiece Tank on LindseyB (Photo by JR Manuel)

DimePiece Tank on LindseyB (Photo by JR Manuel)

A few of the words I would use to describe The Beat Freaks include: passionate, positive, talented, strong, fashionistas, tastemakers… all with a bit of unapologetic attitude.  And now I can add ‘dimepiece’ to that list.  Not just the urban dictionary definition of ‘dimepiece’ (a girl who’s a perfect 10, aka really hot even without makeup) but the one being redefined by DimePiece Designs.

DimePiece Designs was launched by friends Laura Marie Fama and Ashley Jones in the summer of 2007.  Based out of Los Angeles, DimePiece has become well-recognized for their graphic tees and their cut-and-sew tops and leggings (see Lady Jules in photo below).  Originally, Laura and Ashley set out to  develop a brand advocating a strong and positive role of females in today’s society.  Their website says it best:

DimePiece is a lifestyle and brand aimed at catering to all the boss bitches dipped in sauce.  These are females that have the potential to make a positive impact and consistently turn heads.  Pussy appeal is a natural force that all females control.  We as a brand encourage women to see the need to reconsider their role in the game.  We are in control, period.  A DimePiece is a woman who appeals to her audience with genuine swag.  She is a self-governing revolutionary who embodies all that is sexy.  She proclaims her opinion and attitude through her adventurous dress.  She is educated by the books as well as the streets.  Our products are for all who want to make a statement and aren’t afraid to leave the restrictions at the door.  Let’s be a go-getter, a kitten with claws, a fashion aficionado and a memorable individual who is essentially the perfect ten.

DimePiece Plastic City Summer 2009

Read more about the fashion forward design duo in this interview, including their inspirations, the future of DimePiece, and some interesting facts (they were both voted “best dressed” in high school).  Visit DimePiece’s website where you can view the lookbook for their Summer 2009 ‘Plastic City’ Collection, purchase DimePiece products at their online store, and there is also a mention in there of The Beat Freaks wearing DimePiece during ABDC.   Why is the newest collection called ‘Plastic City’?

The general male consensus of a Dimepiece is a woman with the body of Barbie, with her most recognizable attribute being her appearance little degrading, right?  We mean for the term DimePiece to be ironic, and to turn the perception of the word around and be able to use it proudly.  Same Case for our Summer 09 collection, Plastic City.  Our muse was also our nemesis: Barbie, the plastic devil.  We based the collection on the immense physical idealism that Hollywood puts on its youth and the youth across the globe.  In essence what we’re trying to say is that you don’t need to ever rely on your appearance for recognition.

Lady Jules in DimePiece Leggings (Photo by Cole Walliser)

Lady Jules in DimePiece Leggings (Photo by Cole Walliser)

You can follow @DmpcDesigns on Twitter.

[Thanks to JR Manuel for the top photo.  Take a look at more of his amazing ‘artography’ on his Flickr photostream, including more candid Beat Freaks photos from Guam.]

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