‘I Boombox BF Shirt’ Giveaway 2.0

Beat Freaks Boombox Shirt Giveaway

Update: Contest is over.  Congrats to the winners of Giveway 2.0: Deborah from Louisiana & ViCKAAy from San Jose, CA.  (Comments #26 & #11)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first giveaway.  The comments were received and acknowledged.  They were all so inspiring and heartfelt.  A surprise may be coming for all those who left a comment.  Please check your email in the next day or two.  If you didn’t leave an email with your comment and want to be included, please contact me at freakthefashion@gmail.com.

Now you have another chance to win the limited edition ‘I Boombox BF’ shirt.  To enter, leave a comment with the following information:

  1. Alias/Initials: You don’t have to leave your real name, but you can if you want to.
  2. Location: city, state
  3. Answer this question: How has the Beat Freaks style influenced the way YOU Freak the Fashion?

Update: Deadline extended!

One entry per person please.  TWO people will be chosen at random to win an ‘I Boombox BF’ shirt and an H&M Peace Sign necklace.  Comments must be received by Monday June 15, 2009 at 11:59pm Wednesday June 17, 2009 at 11:59pm PST.  Your email address will be used to contact you if you are the chosen winner and will not be shared with any third parties.

Winner will be announced Tuesday June 16, 2009 Thursday June 18, 2009 on Twitter @FreaktheFashion.  Good luck!

31 Responses to “‘I Boombox BF Shirt’ Giveaway 2.0”
  1. if we commented on the last one, can we comment again ?

  2. Mia S says:

    Location: Now – Stanhope,NJ In a week – Toronto,Canada

    So the Beat Freaks have influenced me in a lot of things including fashion. For one thing, I love wearing my Harajuku Lovers shirt since Rino was a Harajuku Girl lol. I found the Abbey Dawn hoodie at Kohl’s and I plan to buy it…when it gets cheaper. haha. My favorite part of their style is their sneakers. They are so DOPE!! Overall, I love their hip-hop style and they are for sure an influence in the clothes I wear when I dance and my casual style.

  3. KH says:

    location tampa fl
    the beat freaks inspired me to freak my fashion because after seeing the way they dressed i decided to switch from wearing all nike stuff to trying out new styles like my ninja, abbey dawn, and other things. also i LOVE their sneakers..they always have the sickest kicks on and thier sneakers always go so well with their outfits.. so instead of wearing shox all the time i try to switch it up every once in a while with a pair of forces or dunks… p.s thanks to maryss introducing me to sole clips my jeans no longer get messed up at the bottom

  4. KTWojo says:

    Location: Chicago

    The Beat Freaks fashion has made me aware of all the amazing street wear and other clothing styles and brands that are out there. Obviously, I already got my Freak the Beat shirts from 5&aDime, and I’ve been waiting (patiently I might add 🙂 for a particular shirt from The Other Duck to become available again so I can buy it! Also, I just bought my first shirt from Busog!

  5. Sam.S says:

    Elkhorn, WI

    The Beat Freaks have inspired me in so many ways, but probably the most important is to be comfortbale in my own skin. Sometimes its not always about the brand, but the way you rock it! Being myself has given me so much more confidence. I will continue to stay true to myself and Freak the Dream.
    p.s. I love their sneaker!!! But then again, who doesn’t.

  6. Erica H. says:

    Well…my name is Erica and I am from San Diego California… my style hasn’t changed all that much since the Beat Freaks…just kidding…I don’t want to say that I follow everything that they wear…but I like to follow…because the Beat Freaks wear so many different brands that I have never heard of before..Before I knew the Beat Freaks…I never heard of Abbey Dawn or MyNinja! and a lot of other brands…but the Beat Freaks introduced me to a new style that just I love… But while I like to wear these new brands…I have still retained some of my original style…I still like to wear my funny shirts with cartoons drawings, but I can be seen wearing some Nike shoes or my Abbey Dawn jacket…or my Freak the Beat Shirt… I feel like the blending of two styles makes me more comfortable with who I am…Like I always felt like I was the weird kid in school…But now I just am myself…no doubt I was influenced by the Beat Freaks… but I think it was just exposing me to who I am…Now I can walk with my head held high and with a renewed confidence…

  7. Charleen Du says:

    Location: Cerritos, California!!!

    Alright, so as we all know, the beat freaks’ style is freaaaakin dope! everything, from their hoodies, to their shirts, to their pants, to their bling, to their shoes. EVERYTHING!! i already have a freak the beat shirt from 5 & a dime and i bought a my ninja! shirt cause i saw this one video of them promoting it! and right now i’m trying to get the ‘I boombox bf’ shirt to add to my beat freaks collection! i’m also into buying more shoes, beat freaks style. i already bought a nice pair of shoes that look like something the beat freaks would wear so i had to have it! the beat freaks definitely inspired me to just be comfortable in what i wear. i used to make such a big deal about what i’d wear each day to school. but now, i realize it shouldn’t matter. i could go from one day wearing sweats, and then another wearing a baggy t-shirt. it’s just all about being comfortable. plus, baggy clothing is easier to dance in too! so basically, the beat freaks taught me to just wear what I’M comfortable with, and to not have to stress about what to wear each day! thanks guys!!

  8. Location: Saline, Michigan

    There are so many ways they influence my style. For one, I wear more athletic clothes, like Nike. I bought a lot of Nike stuff, like shoes. I have 3 pairs of Nikes now. I also buy more abbey dawn clothes. I actually have the “I ❤ boom box" red zebra zip-up hoodie. I saw it in the picture and I thought it was ironic that I bought it the day that post went up. I am saving up money to buy the other duck hoodie that Rino has. I also am saving money up to buy a dress like Jules or Shorty's for either my homecoming or prom next year. I bought the boom box shoeture which are currently on my Nikes. There style is amazing and like you said "If you can’t dance like them… dress like them."

  9. Location: Tobyhanna, PA

    Because of the Beat Freaks, I stepped my fresh game up.
    To be honest, I love shoetures and I’m getting one soon, hopefully.
    Hahah there’s not much since BF wears girls clothes/hoodies most of the time.

    Just wanted to show some love to the Beat Freaks and freakthefashion.com
    Spread the love and inspiration and keep hiphop alive.

    –Tha Don, Positive Effects “Keep your head up.”

  10. ViCKAAy says:

    location : san jose, california.

    they have influenced me to freak the fashion because, first off
    i wear more nikes than vans now. their style is amazinggg of course,
    & once i went to the mall and saw the pair of shoes that they had & i
    immediately wanted to buy it.. but then i didnt have enough money, but it was okay.
    i have one of their abbey dawn hoodies, & it’s friggen BUCC!!!
    i take dance classes, but im not really good, so like yeah. if you cant dance like them…
    dress like them.

  11. AW says:

    Location: Vancouver, BC

    My style has always been rather similar to the Beat Freaks, I wear lots of hoodies, nike, sneakers,etc. But they have exposed me to many different brands that I would not know about otherwise. They have also increased my obsession with sneakers with all the cool sneakers they wear, and influenced me to start wearing bandanas and fitted and trucker caps. The Beat Freaks have also made me feel more comfortable with wearing baggy clothes, without being pressured to have to wear super skin tight clothes. Most importantly, I have learned that it is most important to be comfortable in my own skin and stay true to my own style, and it doesnt matter what I wear whether its baggy, tight, or whatever, as long as I carry myself with confidence like the beautiful Beat Freaks.

  12. KP says:

    I’m Kyleigh and I’m from Weatherford, Oklahoma.
    The Beat Freaks have influenced me not necessarily by going out and buying clothes like theirs, but they’ve inspired me to find my own style and own it. They’ve shown me it’s okay to be different, and it’s cool to have individuality. I haven’t gone out and bought baggy pants and big hoodie jackets, just for the fact that that’s not really my everyday style. BUT I will admit that The Beat Freaks, and Fly Khicks actually, were the reason I bought me a pair of Pastry shoes! I’m absolutely in love with them and everytime I wear them I think of The Beat Freaks. I haven’t danced in them yet, but my day will come! Beat Freaks’ fashion is one of my favorite things about them, because they’ve shown the world that they don’t have to dress in girly clothes, such as booty shorts or mini skirts and heels, to be sexy. They can wear baggy pants, big hats, sneakers, and walk around with their hoods up and still put on a show. Though I must say, they CAN pull off the girly look well! The Beat Freaks always look amazing, glamourized or gangsterized, haha. Also, not only do I think their fashion is cool because it’s different then everyone else’s, but their hair is freakin bomb too. From Shorty and Teresa’s crazy colored hair, to Julie and Rino’s short style, they’re always rockin it. The Beat Freaks have definitely influenced me in their clothes for dancing though! I love their hip hop look, and I would definitely wear those kind of clothes while performing. But most of all… I have to thank The Beat Freaks for showing me it’s cool to have individuality. 🙂
    Much love to The Beat Freaks and Freak The Fashion!

  13. Miss Consistent says:

    1.Alias/Initials: Miss Consistent
    2.Location: Chicago, IL
    3. Beat Freaks style influenced the way I Freak the Fashion by giving me even more confidence do & be ME and by keeping POSITIVE vibes in my life.

    keep it real / stay true to yourself: My family migrated from the Philippines to Chicago. There were about 20 of us living under one small house, and my cousins and I are 1st generation Filipino Americans. Since money was tight, my older cousins had to pass down their clothing to the younger kids in line. My eldest cousin was a male, so I was basically rocking baggy guy clothes since I was a shorty. Even though Christmas or my bday comes around and I had money to buy something, I would always stick with baggy clothing! I love hoodies, tees, jeans, sweats, fitted hats, jackets, jerseys, etc. since day 1. After seeing the BFs, I feel better about myself and the path that I chose because, like them, I stayed true to myself 100%. Also, now that I am older and I have to dress ‘appropriate’ for job interviews or class presentations. For those occasions, I always go towards the Michael Jackson + Janet Jackson look. An OG pin stripe fitted suite and a fedora hat similar to the “smooth criminal” look is all I need. When I saw the Geminiz rock the outfit in MJs ‘This is It’ auditions and BFs outfit in the Britney Spears challenge, I was like these females are 4REAL!!!!!

    positive vibes: Throughout grade school and high school, I had no problems rocking baggy gear. I attended public school located in the city and everyone is aware of hiphop/ urban gear. So, automatically a female wearing baggy clothing was still consider dope because it is similar to major artists such as TLC, Missy, Aaliyah, and Ciara. Well, now I am in college and I feel like people were looking at me funny. I can tell from their facial expressions and sometimes background whispering that they think I am some kind of wangster [wack/wannabe gangster for those who don’t know], gangster, or lesbian. It hit me like wow! But, I just brushed it off my shoulder, because I know that a majority of college students are from the deep suburbs and they know nothing about REAL hiphop/urban gear. So, I can’t really blame them. Now, I am happy that the BFs can be added to the list of positive people keeping the movement going. I feel hopeful that minds will be more open to what REAL hiphop/urban gear is and what it stands. NO MORE NEGATIVE CONOTATIONS ATTACHED TO HIPHOP/ URBAN GEAR!! It’s all about LOVE, PEACE, & RESPECT towards others as well as yourself!!!!

    Well I think I can go on & on this topic, but I will stop before I get carried away! Thank you soooo much for the opportunity to win BFs gear! I support the BFs movement all day everyday!!! yaaaayyyyyyy this entry and just thinking about BFs gets me hype hheheheeh I need to calm down!!!

    God Bless <3Miss Consistent

  14. Ryan H says:

    1. Ryan H

    2. Mississauga, Ontario (Canada)

    3. The Beat Freaks style has influenced my own style by just rockin any fashion with confidence and swag. Whether it be baggy or dressed up or classy they can just pull it off doing what they do on the dance floor. To me that is inspiring to Freak the Fashion in pulling off my own style with what I wear, what I do, and how I go about in my daily life. Their style is original, refreshing, and they always pull it off!

  15. Tamyra says:

    Chicago, IL.
    The Beat Freaks have inspired me to freak the fashion in more ways than one. They make sweats, tees, and sneakers look so cool. From them I picked up some pointers on how to be comfortable and look fly at the same time. They also inspired me to add a splash of color to my wardrobe.
    P.S. I think I’m hooked on Shoeture now thanks to them 🙂

  16. Margaret Lee says:

    Margaret Lee
    Rowland Heights, Ca

    The Beat Freaks showed me in order to freak a dream no matter how big or small, always work hard. Because of this I was able to win my boxing match. The Beat Freaks showed me working hard will pay off in the end and it does not mean you can’t have fun while working hard. THANK YOU BEAT FREAKS!

  17. Naomie says:

    Quebec city, Canada

    The Beat Freaks influenced me to not be scared of what people think about me. So, now I’m dressing with flash colors and baggy pants. I also bought a lot of Nike shoes and baseball caps. So I’m putting my style and some Beat Freaks fashion style. And I’m wearing confortable stuffs. The Beat Freaks showed me just to don’t care about what people thinks about me. Thanks Beat Freaks ! You’re all awesome !

    Merci et continuez comme ça !

  18. Breanna says:

    Norton , Virginia .

    The Beat Freaks have helped me “freak” my own fashion by showing me that its okayy to go out in comfortable clothes . Hip Hop style clothes . I have always been talked down to for dressing that way but i have always liked that style . I used to really care what people thought about the way that i dressed , so i changed my style so people would be okay with it . Once i saw them , i became more comfortable with it and now im back to being me ! hehe . They have helped me in giving me enough courage and showing me that its okay to dress the way i want to . Plus they have dope style ! hahah . im like really in love with there shoes !

  19. Anissia says:


    2.Waco, Texas

    3.The BEAT FREAKS have influenced the way i FREAK the FASHION by showing me all the diffferent kinds of brands of clothes there are and how you wear them. They can wear baggy jeans and big shirts and not care what people think. They have helped me become more aware of how to put the outfits together with the shoes. Now speaking of the shoes, man they wear some nice shoes. They are colorful and dope i mean there unbeleivable. But honestly the BEAT FREAKS are inspiratonal by there message and what they wear, they dont have to dress half naked to look good they look good in anything. So the BEAT FREAKS really showed me more to fashion and what road i should take and instead of wearing one thing to wear other things!!!!I love the BEAT FREAKS and i hoe they continue to inspire everyone!!!!


    How has the Beat Freaks style influenced the way YOU Freak the Fashion?

    The beat freaks fashion has inspired me to wear my clothes with a swagger now. You can be the prettiest girl wearing baggy boy clothes. I’ve also gotten addicted to nike windrunner’s and nike kicks. Everyday I look at my cloest and think “what would the beat freaks wear?” LOL kinda funny but it’s true. They also showed me that your attitude and how you carry your clothing also makes an outfit look better. Keep freaking the dream BEAT FREAKS and keep looking fly 🙂 laataah

  21. Kristen lee says:

    Rosemead, California

    How has the Beat Freaks style influenced the way YOU Freak the Fashion?

    The Beat Freaks have influenced the way I Freak the Fashion by inspiring me to dress the way I WANT to dress. I used to be very self conscious when people would comment on what I was wearing, but now I have learned to not pay attention to those who want to criticize and judge someone based on their clothing. When I Freak the Fashion, I always wear clothes that represent me and reflect who I am, but at the same time, I feel comfortable in. I don’t need to worry about what other people think of my outfit anymore, but all I have to worry about is showing the world who I am. Instead of going to the mall as my only shopping source, Freak the Fashion has introduced me to some of the best clothing stores/brands that I would have never known existed! I am truly grateful I learned how to Freak the Fashion, or else I would still be walking around in something I felt uncomfortable in.

    Thank you Freak the Fashion.com && Beat Freaks for teaching me how to FREAK THE FASHION! =)

  22. soulfly07 says:

    the shirt rocks! wish i could join the contest though! the beat freaks have inspired a lot of people especially women all over the world with their talent! they’re extremely awesome and has a lot of energy to go with their fashion styles too. been a big fan of teresa for years and now that she has a crew, its 10000x cooler! i love them all! keep freakin the dream, girls!<3

  23. J School says:

    College Park, Maryland

    The Beat Freaks’ style has influenced my style in many ways. For one, I pay way more attention to shoes. The BFs always wear awesome kicks and now I always try to coordinate my shoes with what I’m wearing. Before, I would just throw on any pair of shoes I could find that would fit.

    I think the Beat Freaks have influenced more how I feel about my style than anything else though. I’ve always worn baggy jeans and sneakers with a cool t-shirt, and maybe a jacket over that. The Beat Freaks have made this look cool again.

  24. CLI
    Placentia (Orange County), CA

    The Beat Freaks have been in an influential part of many sectors of pop culture today. From their vivid color footwear and accessories to their urban inspired attire, the Beat Freaks intend on making a statement with their dancing, fashion and message.

    In my personal development, the Beat Freaks have influenced me by the way I “Freak the Fashion” by becoming consciously aware of my health. These atheletic and artistic ladies have inspired me to take my weight loss journey seriously. I am not a treadmill enthusiast nor am I excited about the elliptical machine, but I have come across a way for me to add more movement into my everday routine and that is by dance. When I am in a hip-hop class or even out with friends and dancing is involved, I forget that I am excercising and engaging in activity that will help me. Individually, each member of the Beat Freaks crew has truly added and inspired my ensemble pieces by their personalities and experience.

    Beyond clothes, accessories, and footwear, the Beat Freaks have truly launched a fashion statement with me–health and attitude, and that’s one fashion statement that will never go out of style.

    Thank you to the Beat Freaks for keeping my focus on Freaking My Dream… my road to a healthy weight loss!

  25. Deborah says:

    location monroe, louisiana

    the Beat Freaks have inspired me to freak the fashion by giving me self respect. I’m now finding brands that designs clothes to make a postive statement, wheras most clothes nowadays are too revealing for ANYONE to be comformtable in. i love my MyNinja t-shirt and its catchphrase “Dance is the new music” gives a postive spin on the way dancing is percieved. Freak The Dream!!

  26. Giuliana says:

    Location: Indian Lake Estates, Florida

    Beat Freaks have inspired me to freak the fashion, because… lets b honest most ppl in here we are girls, and just because we are girls they expect us to dress all girlie and nice, but BF have showed us that u can dress any way u like and still b respected… I play soccer and i most of the time dress in soccer, basketball short and sweats. I’ve never really care about what ppl say because they way i dress… People should judge u by the way u are not the way u dress and thats what BF have inspired me to keep freaking my fashion. I love MyNinja, Nappytabs, etc… Also BF are bringing the baggy jeans back, and i love that. I just love BF overall… FREAK THE DREAM!!!

  27. ashley iglesias says:

    How has the Beat Freaks style influenced the way i Freak the Fashion in da way dat they were all females n were expected to wear girly and im not one of them but the beat freaks dress like tomboys n im a tom boy i wear baggy jeans wit da chain on da side wit da freah nikes and the beat freaks wear baggy jean with the chain on da side like i didnt feel comfortable wearing them b/c people wouldd judge mii n i think people hould judge in wat u are not in wat u wear and da only tomboy at school isnt easy the beat freaks fasion showed mii that gurls have POWER no matter wat wearing i love 5 and dime n my ninja i think its kool that the beat freaks dress like boys (at times) n then when they have to dress girly and that how i am i rock boy stuff but then i wear dresses when i have to freak the fasion has showed mii you can dress how eve you can as long as your a great person inside and comfortable because you cant do your favortie things wearing clothes that you can even move in i love th ebeat i repect then they inspire me in FREAKING MY DREAM i love the beat freaks

  28. ashley iglesias says:

    i forgot my location its boston, massachusetts

  29. Rachel Mizuno says:

    Hello. I’m from Mililani, Hawaii. The Beat Freaks have an awesome sense of fashion and have definitely changed the way I freak the fashion. Although I may not really wear new clothes because clothes are expensive they definitely influence me. The have introduced me to many new brands like my ninja and 5 and dime, etc. which are all very cool and one I will buy. They have influenced me to wear whatever clothes I want to even if people judge. I now wear bolder clothes that i own that i didnt really wear before. And they added to my collection of shirts FREAT THE BEAT! yeah go BEAT FREAKS! and maybe i can add a I Boombox Beat Freaks tshirt to my collection. 🙂

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