FÖKAI The Dream

Bgirl Shorty Wearing Fokai Friend Tank (photo by Frank Live)

Bgirl Shorty Wearing Fökai Friend Tank (photo by Frank Live)

There is a common theme among the clothing brands that The Beat Freaks wear and that is they all have a deeper meaning.  Whether it is spreading positivity, chasing your dreams, embracing your individuality, or expressing one’s passion, there is always a message behind the fashion.  Fökai Industries is no different.

While The Beat Freaks were in Guam, they connected with local clothing label, Fökai – ‘since ever since.’  Fökai was launched in 1998 by Roman Dela Cruz with the goal to bring people together and make a name for Guam.  Fökai gained a strong following for promoting Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters all over the world and has since branched to wave riders, skateboarders, auto sports, and other action sports.  They also have a womenswear line, Fökai Femme – “a celebration of strength, beauty and perseverance.”

What does Fökai mean?

Fökai<f’ k(eye)> /verb./ 1.exhaust the body. proceed the mind. cultivate the spirit. 2. To initiate; to go; to persevere; to overcome.

 /noun./ 1.Drive. 2.Spirit. 3.Family.

According to Dela Cruz, Fökai “always will be the verbal power pellet that activates the spirit for us when the body seems to fail.” You can purchase Fökai gear at their online store.  And check out @ToneAnderson on Twitter who is Fökai familia and dubbed by LeeJ as “honorary Beat Freak.”

Fokai Lady Jules and LeeJ

And don’t be suprised if you see a Fökai x Beat Freaks collab in the future.

guam lindsey

LindseyB Flips Off The Stage During "Freak The Dream" Performance in Guam (Photos by Jacqueline Hernandez/Pacific Daily News)

Here are a few newspaper articles about The Beat Freaks performance in Guam:

  1. Dancers and Dreamers (Marianas Variety News)
  2. Beat Freaks Give ‘Freaks’ A Good Name (Marianas Variety News)
  3. Beat Freaks Mesmerize Audience (Guam Pacific Daily News)

Beat Freaks in Guam Modern Dance

And I’ve said before how versatile The Beat Freaks are and this video proves it even more.  Watch Keeley’s brilliant singing while Teresa, LindseyB, Lady Jules and Bgirl Shorty show off their modern dance skills (starting at 5:20).


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