‘Happy Birthday Shawty’

Teresa Espinosa Birthday
Teresa Espinosa celebrated the third of four Beat Freak June birthdays yesterday.  Wow!  How many people get a video made and a song written for them on their birthday?  Teresa has a solid friend in Cole Walliser who did just that.  He put together an amazing video of Teresa’s signature dance moves set to a sweet song that brings autotune back to life.

Of course she is Freaking the Fashion in all white with the the Nike Best Icons Women’s Windrunner Jacket.

Nike Best Icons Windrunner WOD NY

Updates – Look out for more Cole Walliser on:

  • @colione on Twitter: To find out immediately when he releases his next video, although I think most people who read FTF are already following him
  • Fun Youtube: You can find more songs from Cole including one with a cameo from Lady Jules
  • Serious Youtube: You can view Cole’s Director’s commentary for the M&M Cru Dance Battle as well as videos he did for Pink
  • How to DJ Hip-Hop on Expert Village’s Youtube channel
4 Responses to “‘Happy Birthday Shawty’”
  1. Lauren says:

    Where was she when she took the pic?? Neways love the song. Kinda catchy too. Happy belated Teresa

  2. Colione says:

    Hey Lauren,

    It was shot in the entrance to the Cirque du Soleil show LOVE at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. It’s basically just a huge LED floor that you walk down to enter the theater. We thought we were going to get kicked out, but by the end of it, we had to fight away other photographers trying to take pics there!

  3. Lauren says:

    4got tpo add that its a bad ass pic

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