The Beat Freaks Reflect on Michael Jackson

Photo by Jacqueline Hernandez/Pacific Daily News

Photo by Jacqueline Hernandez/Pacific Daily News

It goes without saying that Michael Jackson is a HUGE influence on the Beat Freaks.  Every Beat Freaks routine has some ode to MJ, whether it be the moonwalk, pelvic thrusts, a shiny glove, smooth criminal lean, a Billie Jean pose, a simple fedora, a Michael Jackson tee, etc., etc.  For me, the news of Michael Jackson’s passing brought back so many childhood memories.  And I thank the Beat Freaks for renewing my love for MJ in 2009.

Rino & Maryss on Today Show. Rino: "...because of him, I came to America."

Rino & Maryss on Today Show (click to watch). Rino: "...because of him, I came to America."

Here is what the Beat Freaks had to say on Twitter:

  • @theBeatFreaks: In spirit, MJ will live forever. We give thanks for teaching us how to make the world a better place. We will honor you, always.
  • @Julesurich: The Beat Freaks are truly devestated by losing MJ- he was our hero, our inspiration… We will miss him and continue to love him dearly. We love you Michael….. WIthout you, the Beat Freaks wouldn’t be…..
  • @BgirlShorty: I kant believe MJ is gone…I’m so sad….MJ was a legacy a revolution that will alwayz live in our hearts R.I.P. Michael Jackson
  • @Maryssfromparis: Thank you for all ur msg, Michael Jackson will be deeply missed, but he touched the world so much that his legacy will go on forever
  • @Rinokinawa: Let’s celebrate Michael’s life and Legacy that he left. My prayer go to his spirit and his family. I love you Michael so much. and I miss u
  • @espinosa22: Victory tour was my 1st concert too. I’m so sad… My heart is breaking… I love Michael!! my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance. m jackson
  • @im_lindseyB: So sad bout mj!!!! So happy to be around for this time in music!!!! We will miss u micheal!!!!! On way to houston for comedy central 4 u mj! Actually THAT time in music!!! Music will never be the same! We lost the greatest performer in the world ever!
  • @locknkey99: I’m so hurt. My heart won’t stop hurting. Michael was the vehical God used to show me my gifts and passions in life. I wanted so deeply to tell him how much He meant to God. Sometimes I don’t think he really knew how much God loves him. I wanted to tell him that he was victorious in changing the world. In such a unique way! He crossed color lines increasing love between those who were separated by hate. He showed us what it meant to be childlike and yet ambitious. He showed us how to follow our passions. He showed us how to dream. He was a miracle. God annointed him for such a generation as this. Thank God that he did what he was meant to do! Thank God for his voice! Thank God for his discipline, his writing, his heart. May God bless it! I pray he is spending eternity with the Lord and that we will meet where there is no pain, no crying and no suffering. Only laughter, joy and eternal purpose. Worship for our Lord, and real life…….

Here is another video of Rino in front of Jackson’s Encino home from ABC7 news:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Updated: (Part 2: More Beat Freaks on Michael Jackson)

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  1. dear Beat freaks,
    thank you for come to guam to peformance the at fduenas phoneninx performance been here in guam, can we see you this yrs.2010.if they are go to put in the newspaper.

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