Music Monday: Rootbeer is My Ninja!

My Ninja Rootbeer

We already know Bgirl Shorty is My Ninja! But who else?  If you’ve seen the My Ninja! lookbooks, then you may recognize musicians Pigeon John and Flynn Adam as My Ninja!  The pair are also Rootbeer, a side project with their debut EP “Pink Limousine” available on iTunes.  According to their bio:

The simple shortcut to that Rootbeer descriptive word puzzle could be something like ‘MGMT injected with some N.E.R.D. and A Tribe Called Quest.’

If it is anything like Tribe then it has to be good.  Peter Rocks of My Ninja! has toured with Pigeon John and Flynn Adam, playing keyboards and guitar.  Peter also plays guitar on “Pink Limousine.”

Click on the links for more video of Rootbeer and Peter Rocks performing at UC San Diego’s Sun God Festival (my alma mater!), from MyNinja! and FRAmedia Youtube channels.


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