Beat Freaks Six Degrees of Separation

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I made a very interesting connection last night and thought it would be great to share on Freak The Fashion.  You may think Twilight, the bestselling, teenage-vampire-lovestory, has nothing to do with The Beat Freaks, but think again.  It’s all a circle and somehow we are all interconnected.  How many degrees of separation are there between The Beat Freaks and Twilight?

    Beat Freaks Twilight Connection

  1. The Beat Freaks and Hellz Bellz share mutual admiration for each other
  2. Lanie Alabanza (aka @misslawn) is the “boss bitch of hellz”
  3. Lanie is a contributing author on What The Forks?!, “a Twilight blog brought to you by your favorite set of girlfriends to gossip with over dinner and a glass of wine. Pull up a chair and indulge with us! Like a good girlfriend, we never leave you out of the loop. We’ll make sure you hear the latest news, stories, and gossip that is everything Twilight. What The Forks? is the perfect answer to that “WTF?” question you get when you tell your “other” friends how much you love the Twilight series.”
  4. Jessica Gueco (aka @yoshi_fatlace) also writes for What The Forks?!  She is also a HUGE fan of The Beat Freaks.  In her blog she writes, “..because i SWEAR i’m like a 13 year old when it comes to the beat freaks and twilight. TOTALLY obsessed.”
  5. Jessica Gueco is the Buyer and Designer of Fatlace, a streetwear boutique located in San Francisco.  She is the “Yoshi” that The Beat Freaks were looking for in the above video
  6. Fatlace (@fatlace) hosted a meet & greet with The Beat Freaks on 6.20.2009

Is this all coming together now? Anyone who is obsessed with the Beat Freaks, like I am, must be good people.  So, it’s time to Freak The Vote again for a fellow Beat Freak Fanatic… is holding a contest to find a Twicon Fan Correspondent and Jessica “Yoshi” Gueco is a finalist.  Watch her video and if you like what you see, vote for her here (voting ends July 17th).

Are you a fan of Twilight?

6 Responses to “Beat Freaks Six Degrees of Separation”
  1. Lauren says:

    kinda like a circle of life. the BFs are hilarious….where IS yoshi???

  2. yoshi says:

    OOMMGGGG!!!! HAHAHHAHAHA YOU’VE FOUND THE CLUES!!!! i’m totally re-posting to this!! =P thank youuuu

  3. Our reps are glad you found Yoshi!

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