Interview with Keeley Part 1

We had the wonderful opportunity of sitting down with Keeley Lockn’ Key Kaukimoce after her Boogiezone class at Jayvee in Alhambra, CA.  She is such a genuine and passionate person that it’s hard not to be inspired by what she has to say.  Here is part 1 of the informal interview. Part 2 coming soon, … Continue reading

My Ninja! Updates!

My Ninja! just released photos of Bgirl Shorty promoting their line.  Visit My Ninja’s Blog to see more amazing photos of Bgirl Shorty as My Ninjette! (Photography by Kenny Ahn, Shinobi-Studios/ Design by Dpd of FR*A) Also, don’t miss out on the My Ninja! x FR*A “Endless Summer” Mixtape Launch Party on August 20, 2009 … Continue reading

Keeley’s Boogiezone Class

Over the past few months, I’ve really taken to heart what The Beat Freaks say.  For example, don’t get too comfortable, because it’s when you are uncomfortable that you learn and grow.  Also, take the leap and try something new.  How else are we supposed to find our passion?  I guess these Beat Freaks quotes … Continue reading

Alex Aranovich’s ‘I Glove MJ’ Tee

We’ve seen Maryss wearing  the “I Glove MJ” shirt on ABDC and in the Kovas “Wax On Wax Off” video.  Well, we recently received an email from the designer of the shirt himself, Alex Aranovich, letting us know that the shirt is once again available for purchase in four different colors. Originally designed by Alex … Continue reading

Get Your Groovaloos On

The Groovaloos are coming to a stage near you with their highly-acclaimed stage show, Groovaloo.  They wiill be at El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood August 21-30, 2009 and at Joyce Theatre in NYC September 15-27, 2009, followed by a U.S. tour in 2010. The Groovaloos, founded in 1999, currently consists of 25 members, six … Continue reading

Fashion Updates

Hellz Bellz: View the above short film introducing Hellz Bellz “Kicks After Six” capsule delivery.  “A concise yet bold collection, this limited 6 piece line extends Hellz’ ongoing graphic themes incorporating the idea of empowered defiant women that exude nothing but vicious confidence.” Hellz is also hooking us up with a chance to win a … Continue reading

Freak The Dream with Pride

For The Beat Freaks, ABDC was more than just a dance show.  It was a medium to spread a message of positivity to viewers that they took full advantage of.  They encourage everyone to “Freak The Dream” or actively follow your passion…whatever that may be.  As far as I can remember, the Beat Freaks were … Continue reading

Nike Holiday 2009 Windrunner

It’s never too early to start making your Holiday wish list.  A great item to start with is the Metallic Windrunner that the Beat Freaks are wearing in the photos, which is part of the upcoming Nike Holiday 2009 collection, available later this year. If you want something now for the summer, grab a Nike Dri-Fit Tank. … Continue reading

Civil Clothing Los Angeles

Civil Clothing Los Angeles was created in 2003 as a symbol of urban and street cultures, including skateboarding, surfing, bboying, graffiti, BMX, and fashion.  From Civil’s website: We are the signs of the times in everyday Los Angeles living…Products of the poison.  We are the defenders of the underdog.  All those who pay dues with … Continue reading

Michael Jackson Official Merchandise

Michael Jackson official merchandise is available for purchase now at the Michael Jackson Official Store. There are plenty of shirts, hats, socks, mugs, belt buckles, bags and more to choose from.  But who knows how long they will last, because according to the website: These unique Michael Jackson shirts were to be sold at the … Continue reading