Explore Your Inner Wildchild

Wildchild Nation Threader
Wildchild is a streetwear brand created by choreographer and dancer duo Luam and Traci.  Wildchild Nation is the parent company of Wildchild and L.U.A.M. (Love Understands All Music) that was officially launched in September 2006.  The L.U.A.M. line can be found in Step Up 2: The Streets.  Who is Wildchild?

a spirit inside all of us that steers our passions in avenues of brilliance and creativity. it is the colors we wear in our dreams, the ideas we never speak out loud. it is a fugitive spirit, always running from definition, determined to stay free.

we are Wildchild Nation.  for the people who don’t hear it, for those who don’t see it, and for the rest who are afraid of it, we are here to set yours free.

Wildchild Nation also created Threader, “the first online streetwear marketplace for choreographers and entertainers, which brings all the hottest streetwear and hip hop dance brands together under one roof.”  Their mission is to bring all of the best dance and streetwear clothing in one place.  In addition to Wildchild apparel, Threader also carries Tatoot (Spray Loud) bags and Dance2XS clothing, including a 2XS x Other Duck collab tee.
Wildchild Rino

Rino Reppin Wildchild at Hip Hop International 2008

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