More Beat Freaks on Michael Jackson

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Excerpt of an Associated Press article that Maryss was interviewed in:

Jackson was involved in all areas of planning, including watching auditions and choosing the backup dancers who would appear with him, said Maryss Courchinoux, a 29-year-old dancer from Paris who sought a place on stage with Jackson.

Courchinoux said she had been selected as a backup dancer for the London concerts and had been fitted for a costume. She had been invited to Thursday’s rehearsal in Los Angeles to meet Jackson and watch the practice to help prepare for her role, she said.

On the same day, Jackson was pronounced dead after collapsing at his home in Holmby Hills, a swanky neighborhood near Bel Air.

Courchinoux recounted how Jackson was in the audience as she auditioned in April, when she performed a set routine and then was asked to do freestyle dances — a hip-hop style called “pop-ins.”

From the stage, she could make out Jackson’s profile and his glasses where he sat in the empty auditorium. Friends later told her that Jackson jumped up and applauded after her group performed.

“I knew it was him, and I knew I was in his presence,” she said. “In a way, I feel blessed that we got to dance in his presence, and I was looking forward to meeting him yesterday,” she said, choking back tears.

“It was my dream since I was six years old. I guess there was a different plan.”

(Thank you to Marianne for sending me the link to the article.)

Rino MJ Pose Womanizer

Rino on MJ’s passing from MTV Remote Control Blog:

I’m still in denial about what happened to Michael. I don’t even know how to begin expressing my thoughts since he’s been the biggest inspiration to me, ever. He really influenced who I am today. All I can do is pray for his soul and his family, friends and all the Michael fans that have been effected by this news.

On Thursday afternoon, Maryss and I were teaching class and playing Michael’s songs as our warm up because there was a slight chance of us going to check out his rehearsal later that night. After our class, the rest of Beat Freaks gave us the news.

We couldn’t believe it, didn’t feel it. I thought it was another bad rumor, yet all my friends kept texting and calling me about the news. We had to do something, so we went to his parents’ house to show some love, respect and support. When I got home, the media was forcing me to face the fact that he was gone. I couldn’t sleep. I just kept watching Michael’s videos on MTV. I was very emotional and kept thinking about how he’s been there all my life.

When I first watched “Moonwalker” in my house in Okinawa, Japan, I was 10 and had never seen or felt anything like it before. Then when I went to the Dangerous tour, it changed my life forever. I knew I had to come to America.

I have always loved to dance, but Michael really taught me to have more passion for music and performing. Everything I do now, you can see Michael in me. On Episode 3 of ABDC (Season 3, Britney Spears Challenge), Beat Freaks performed a version of Michael’s “Dangerous” video. On the last episode, we all wore MJ gloves to represent our love and dedication to him.

I’ve met a lot of my friends here in L.A. because of Michael. Maryss and I became best friends because of him. I am in Beat Freaks because of Michael. I thank him so much for it and really wish that I could have gotten a chance to tell him.

No one will ever be like Michael Jackson — he’s left such a huge impact on the entertainment industry. He will keep living through our hearts, and we will continue to carry on his legacy.

Michael, you were the truest entertainer and I already miss you so much!! Thank you for all your hard work, talent and love. And thank you so much for showing me what it’s like to live my dream.

ABDC, Season 3

I Glove MJ shirt Maryss
Maryss from Paris on French television (See translation in comments thanks to Vane) – [thanks to @Kovas for the link):


(Part 1: Beat Freaks Reflect on Michael Jackson)

5 Responses to “More Beat Freaks on Michael Jackson”
  1. SL714 says:

    I just feel so awful for her 😦

  2. Lauren says:

    I can feel what she’s sayig but I just don’t know what she’s saying. Ne1 mind asking her??

  3. Vane says:

    Hey guys I did my best to translate the interview for you 🙂
    Hope you’ll enjoy it !:D


    The lady:
    About the star’s health situation, those crazy rumors were saying he was fragile, tired and addicted to painkillers, but the people who were preparing is comeback describe Michael Jackson as healthy, motivated, active in the community. Our special reporters Guillaume DeBré and Christophe Barrer met a French dancer who was part of the very last rehearsals with Michael Jackson.

    Those moves, she knows them by heart. This rythmn, she’s always thinking about it. After hours spent on this floor, Marie Corchinoux was completely ready to realize her dream, to go on tour with Michael Jackson, but this 29 years old Parisian will never have the chance to do it.

    Yeah, I was supposed to be with him on stage during 3 months, and it’s a dream that just went away. It’s just a dream that went away, a dream that I couldn’t believe was coming true, but before I could even touch that dream in my own hands, it went away.

    Despite the rumors, despite the witnesses’ interviews, she still can’t believe it. Only weeks ago, she was still with him.

    It was incredible, at the end of the audition, he stood up and just started to cheer for us. He was really there, and he was active in the community, he was really interested, he looked really healthy and he looked like he couldn’t wait to realize his project.

    During the last 72 hours of his life, Michael Jackson was rehearsing every night at the Los Angeles Staples Center. Those who worked with him don’t describe him as hardly-breathing, tired and addicted to painkillers, an image that Marie Corchinoux doesn’t necessary believe.

    On tuesday, everything was doing great, people told me that he was doing good and that everything was flowing! Actually, on wednesday, I’ve been told that it was a little harder, especially with fluidity, but you know there are days like that anyway. And thursday…

    Since then, she’s wearing this glove as a tribute to the man who inspired her so much.

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