Michael Jackson Official Merchandise

Michael Jackson Women's Shirts

Michael Jackson official merchandise is available for purchase now at the Michael Jackson Official Store. There are plenty of shirts, hats, socks, mugs, belt buckles, bags and more to choose from.  But who knows how long they will last, because according to the website:

These unique Michael Jackson shirts were to be sold at the O2 concerts in London.  Selected and approved by Michael himself, these shirts will not last long.

Michael Jackson Men's ShirtsAlso, go to Michael Jackson’s Official Website where fans can remember MJ and share their memories of him.

Michael Jackson Accessories

10 Responses to “Michael Jackson Official Merchandise”
  1. Tha Don says:

    RIP MJ 58-09
    It was a blessing to grow up with your music.

    These shirts and stuff are amazing (:

  2. Miss Consistent says:

    wow i’m seriously drooling!!!! i wish i could have it all…. MJ4ever ❤

  3. I want the yellow tshirt!!!


  5. Omg…I am about to cry….I wish I could have all of it, but I am about to purchase some of it …..(I LOVE U MICHAeL JAcKSON…u r amazing…)this stuff is incredible…wow WOW!!

  6. MJJ4eva says:

    michael joseph jackson is the best thing i have ever heard and loved in my entire life….he will always live on in our hearts…..I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!!!!!!!

  7. emily says:

    mjackson is awsome and a great singer.

  8. emily says:

    mjackson is awsome and a great singer. To bad he died too soom I would love to meet him in person.

  9. Kristen b says:

    hey how can i buy these?

  10. Darrian Jones says:

    I love you Michael Jackson!! You are amazing and you’ve inspired me!! I aspire to be like you one day! I love you so much! I’m your biggest fan!! I’m 16 years old and have been listening to your music since I was 5. You’re an amazing person and I wished everyone could’ve seen that. It’s too bad you died. I would’ve loved to meet you!! You’re my sweet angel and you will be forever loved and missed!! You are the true King of Pop, Rock, Soul and Entertainment. You will be imitated, but never duplicated. Your fans, family and friends love you Michael. We miss you very much!!

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