Civil Clothing Los Angeles

Civil LA

Civil Clothing Los Angeles was created in 2003 as a symbol of urban and street cultures, including skateboarding, surfing, bboying, graffiti, BMX, and fashion.  From Civil’s website:

We are the signs of the times in everyday Los Angeles living…Products of the poison.  We are the defenders of the underdog.  All those who pay dues with nothing to lose.  We’re not selling a brand…we’re branding a lifestyle.

To find out more about the Civil LA brand and their inspirations, read this interview from  Take a look at their Summer 2009 Collection.

I’m really craving the “LA Women” tee:

Civil LA Women tee

Or the “Times” Shirt:

Civil Times tee

Check out their blog for a great interview they did with Keeley back in April.  Take a look at this post to find out one of the reasons why they support The Beat Freaks.  They’ve also posted a great video of Bboy Do-Knock and Mimic’s Michael Jackson Battle.

You can follow @CIVIL_LA on Twitter.

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