Nike Holiday 2009 Windrunner

Beat Freaks in Nike Metallic Windrunner with DJ Angie Vee

Beat Freaks in Nike Metallic Windrunner with DJ Angie Vee

It’s never too early to start making your Holiday wish list.  A great item to start with is the Metallic Windrunner that the Beat Freaks are wearing in the photos, which is part of the upcoming Nike Holiday 2009 collection, available later this year.

If you want something now for the summer, grab a Nike Dri-Fit Tank.

Nike Tank Lady JulesNike Lady Jules and Bgirl Shortylindsey b nike windunnernike windrunner teresa espinosa

Thanks to @DJANGIEVEE for the photos.

26 Responses to “Nike Holiday 2009 Windrunner”
  1. [: says:

    oh em gee, so this jacket is really gonna be beat freaks endorced? like, the their name will be a part of it!! ahh! i might get one!

    • freakthefashion says:

      Sorry, that may have been misleading. It is a regular Nike Windrunner, not Beat Freaks endorsed. I changed it. But that’s a great idea… a Beat Freaks Windrunner. =)

  2. Bboy Smoke says:

    Dang. I been trying to find these jackets everywhere. So they’ll be available at the nike online store later this year? haha I really like the silver base with the black. Hope I can get one. (why are they so hard to find!) I haven’t found much info about this until I saw this..

  3. Bboy Smoke says:

    Thanks! You’re the first to give me any info on these. that’s awesome, can’t wait for them to come out. You guys look kickin’ in the outfits btw =)

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