Get Your Groovaloos On

The Groovaloos are coming to a stage near you with their highly-acclaimed stage show, Groovaloo.  They wiill be at El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood August 21-30, 2009 and at Joyce Theatre in NYC September 15-27, 2009, followed by a U.S. tour in 2010.

The Groovaloos, founded in 1999, currently consists of 25 members, six of which are Beat Freaks.  The success of The Groovaloos and the individual members are beyond the scope of this post, and would take forever to write about, but a description can be found here.

The Groovaloos at Calgary Stampede

The Groovaloos at Calgary Stampede

Groovaloo is a must-watch show for any fan of dance.  It chronicles the lives of 14 Groovaloos members, including Al Star, Lady Jules, LindseyB Out There, LockNKey, and Teresa Rag Doll Espinosa.

Based on these true-to-life stories of The Groovaloos themselves, and told by the dancers who lived them, GROOVALOO combines the authenticity of A CHORUS LINE with the energy of STOMP as it embarks on a journey through the diverse world of hip hop dance. Driven by jaw-dropping displays of physical ability, a vibrant musical score and powerful spoken word poetry, the show’s intertwined stories chronicle the struggles, hopes and triumphs of the 14-member cast as they discover the true meaning of family and share what it’s like to be “in the circle”.

According to @Groovaloos Twitter (Jun 9, 2009),

We auditioned some amazing females dancers for Groovaloo today. As we said in an earlier tweet, our girls are also in Beat Freaks, so we had to hold an audition cuz they are going to miss a couple days.

Visit the Groovaloos Store to purchase the shirts seen in photos.  And, if you aren’t already, follow @Groovaloos on Twitter, especially because they have giveaways!

Groovaloos Merchandise

2 Responses to “Get Your Groovaloos On”
  1. lauren says:

    so the beat freaks are going on tour with them?

  2. Tha Don says:

    i ♥ their shirts
    and them 🙂

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