Keeley’s Boogiezone Class

Over the past few months, I’ve really taken to heart what The Beat Freaks say.  For example, don’t get too comfortable, because it’s when you are uncomfortable that you learn and grow.  Also, take the leap and try something new.  How else are we supposed to find our passion?  I guess these Beat Freaks quotes on Twitter are really getting to me.

Last night, I decided to take that leap and take my first ever dance class.  And boy was I nervous!  Although it’s quite clear that I’m not meant to be a dancer, I had so much fun.  The anticipation and fear of embarrassment before the class were much worse than the actual results.  So, I encourage anyone who is not a dancer, no matter how old or uncoordinated, to try it.  Like Keeley told me, “At least you’ll sweat.”  Plus, there were so many people there, that hopefully I didn’t stick out too much (they were all really good too).

Keep your eye out for the video on Boogiezone’s youtube channel (I didn’t dance when they were taking video, so you won’t be able to see how lost I really was).  About the class…Keeley taught us some old school moves to De La Soul’s ‘Me Myself and I.’  Then we learned the lockin’ portion of the Beggin’ routine, which apparently Keeley choreographed in collaboration with Hok from Quest Crew.  Although I had seen The Beat Freaks perform this routine a million times on television and Youtube, it was still very difficult to pick up.

After the class, we had the opportunity to sit down with Keeley and have an informal interview with her.  She let us know how she describes Beat Freaks fashion and also her individual style, who she would like to see try out for ABDC, and she gave some great advice for those who are still looking for their dream to freak.  The full interview will be posted later this week.

Beat Freaks at Boogiezone Community Class

Check out the Boogiezone Community Class, Rino will be teaching today at Focus in Irvine and LindseyB has a class on Thursday at Hype in Torrance.  From the website:

So whether you are an aspiring or seasoned professional, a hobbyist, or just a beginner, the Boogiezone Class is perfect for anyone up for a challenge!

Upcoming classes will be taught by members of Kaba Modern, Team Millenia, and Choreo Cookies.  If you are not in southern California, Boogiezone is expanding worldwide, including New Zealand, Denmark, and more.  Also, you can register on Boogiezone to stay connected with dance, watch videos, and network with other dancers.

Follow @Boogiezone on Twitter.

4 Responses to “Keeley’s Boogiezone Class”
  1. Lauren says:

    Hey at leadt you tried. That’s the first step. I’m not a dancer but just getting to the first step is hard enough. Gl on future dance classes

    Go Keeley!

  2. SL714 says:

    Way to take the leap! I’m sure you’ll be the next member of Beat Freaks in no time! jk

  3. Tamyra says:

    This is awesome! can’t wait to take one of BF classes someday!

  4. Tha Don says:

    Ahhhh her shirt is amazing!
    i cant wait for Pacquiao to fight Mayweather 🙂
    Filipino Pride! lol

    anyway, Keeley is a beast! ❤ her classes

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