Interview with Keeley Part 1

We had the wonderful opportunity of sitting down with Keeley Lockn’ Key Kaukimoce after her Boogiezone class at Jayvee in Alhambra, CA.  She is such a genuine and passionate person that it’s hard not to be inspired by what she has to say.  Here is part 1 of the informal interview.

Part 2 coming soon, including who inspired her as a dancer, which crews Keeley would like to see on ABDC, and some dancers worth searching for on YouTube.

A transcription of the interview is available after the jump.

Freak The Fashion (FTF): How would you describe The Beat Freaks style?
Keeley: I would describe the Beat Freaks style as funky, edgy, raw, feminine yet masculine. Sort of like glamour meets tomboy.  We love to have the makeup and hair but the tomboy baggy pants and big shoes.
FTF: How do you Freak the Fashion?
Keeley: I used to actually be a lot more girlie than I am right now.  Since I became a mom, I’m all about comfort.  I also love hair and make up as well.  I love doing make up.  For me it’s about accessories, makeup and kinda that raw funky edge that goes along with that.   I really love Gwen a lot.  Especially in the beginning, how she was such a girl but she had that little strong independent thing about her.  I like wearing things that are tailored but that doesn’t show too much skin.  That’s naturally sexy and not trying to be overtly sexy.
FTF: Which clothing brands are you are wearing now?
Keeley: I’m wearing a lot of the things that have been provided for us, which has been a major blessing.  Punkrose has been awesome sending us tons of shoes.  Nike has been amazing.  They have been kinda like an official sponsor, lots of jackets and shoes from them.  5 & A Dime is my favorite tshirt company right now, they choose the best tshirts I think.  Scifen has hooked us up.  Akademics has hooked us up recently.  Honestly, I’m a budget shopper.  I have a kid and husband so I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes.  I tend to find that it’s better if I find something that’s a good deal and I feel really good about it.  Get The Word Out Clothing is a Chrisitian clothing line.  They are actually based in Texas now.  They’ve also provided The Beat Freaks with some stuff.  I love them and they are awesome.  Obviously I love the message.
FTF: Is your daughter, Kalia, following in your footsteps?  Is she a future Beat Freak?
Keeley: Oh my gosh.  Kalia is ridiculous with her musicality.  She’s got so much musicality.  She knows the music and when it stops, she stops.  And then when it slows down, she goes like this.  So she understands music.  When the intro of a song comes on, she’ll find the note and she’ll make up her own words or she’ll sing her own lyrics to a song.  She’ll know the whole melody.  So singing and dancing both.  And she actually gravitates towards watching people sing and dance.  We were just at Disneyland and she’d rather watch the parade where the dancers are singing than do the rides.  I definitely know, besides the prophetic word I got about her like three prophetic words when I was pregnant and all this stuff, that she’s gonna do some cool stuff in the music scene.
FTF: What dreams are you freaking now?
Keeley: Just spending time with Kalia.  We’ve actually kinda slowed down just a little bit.  Honestly, it sounds horrible that I feel like I’m getting reacquainted with my daughter and my husband.  We can deal with the time apart but her she’s grown so much in the last 6 months.  I’m only home 3, 4, 5 days and then I’m gone 3 or 4 days.  And a child grows so much and does so much, in even one day.  I’m freaking my dream right now by just honestly like being a mom, I’m taking class, I’ve got to get back to my working out thing.  One of my dreams that people don’t know is to be super, uber fit and be a fighting girl in a movie.  I want to do that so bad.  Every girl wants to do that, I don’t know if every girl wants to do that, but I do.
FTF: How did you find your passion for dancing?
Keeley: It just happened one day.  I was watching music videos.  There were some street dancers.  It was a Lionel Richie music video.  I feel like that’s the first one I saw and at the same time I saw Michael.  And there was Shannon “Let The Music Play.”  And there was only street dancers in those videos.  As soon as I saw it, immediately it was like a spark that went off inside of me.
A little bit prior to that I was doing this dance that was sort of like the Macarena.  I was actually really good at it and I didn’t know I had coordination.  The people were like “Oh my gosh” and telling me how good it was.  And I was like, oh wow I have something.  Because I was always kind of like the awkward red-headed kid.  It was like I found my thing.  Once I found dance and my confidence level that was the thing that kinda gave me the confidence that I needed to survive.  I was like, You can’t take dance away from me.  You can talk about my red hair and my freckle face.  But I’ll battle you.  I just went out and started battling dudes.  It was really funny.
FTF: ‘Freak the Dream’ is a powerful message.  Any advice for those still searching for their passion?
Keeley: One of the easiest ways to find what your passion is what is it that you cannot seem to get your mind off of?  What is it that your mind always goes to?  What is that one thing that you are always wanting to do?  What is the one thing that you can’t let go of when the opposition comes?  Like trials and struggles and different things happen in your life, what is the one thing that you are not able to let go of, you can’t forget about it, your mind keeps going there?  For me I believe that’s where your passion is and what it is that you’re supposed to do.  Like whatever it is when you find yourself doing it, you’re the happiest, you’re the most fulfilled.  To me, that’s how you find your passion.  Sometimes people haven’t figured that out yet, sometimes it hasn’t come yet.  I think I was like 10 or 11 years old before I figured it out with dance.  Sometimes people don’t figure it out until they are 15 or 16 because they haven’t been in the place where that passion is.  I believe everybody has one.  You just got to pray about it, wait, seek it out.  I believe that we are all created with a specific purpose.  That purpose is in line with what your passion is, I believe.  If you are just doing something career-wise just to make money and you are miserable doing it, that’s not your passion.  Sometimes, you’ve got to take a leap of faith.  I know that sounds easier than it is but you have to sometimes struggle.  I’ve definitely struggled along the way.  Would I want to be living in a mansion on a hill and be doing a job I hate or traveling the world, having a family, doing all the things that I’ve done on a dime.  I’d rather do that.  I’d rather be fulfilled inside than having a bunch of stuff and not being fulfilled inside.
4 Responses to “Interview with Keeley Part 1”
  1. LA says:

    great interview! looking forward to part 2

  2. Tamyra says:

    awesome interview!

  3. SL714 says:

    Great interview! It’s nice to know about them more on a personal level, very inspirational.

  4. Tha Don says:

    Keeley, she’s amazing.
    and the shirt that she’s wearing is dope.
    I want one 😀

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