Interview with Keeley Part 2

Here is the second part of the interview.  Enjoy!

And many thanks to Keeley for granting us this interview.

Transcription (and links) of the interview after the jump.

Freak The Fashion (FTF): How did you get your name Lockn’ Key?
Keeley: My name is Keeley and I’m a locker.  Actually, this guy named Loose Caboose was calling me KeyLock and then Greg Cambellock Jr, who was one of my trainers, also Caboose was one of my trainers, was calling me Lockn’ Key.  We would just flip it back and forth and I was like “Which one should it be?”  And Greg was like, “I like Lockn’ Key the best.”  Since he’s my trainer and he was one of the originals I was like, “I think that flows better, I’ll stick with that.”
FTF: Can you describe the wardrobe of a typical old school locker?
Keeley: The old school lockers used to wear applejacks, sometimes they would wear vests and these shoes called marshmallow shoes and striped socks.  So they’d wear the striped socks, marshmallow shoes that had a little heel on them, sometimes they’d wear bow ties, puffy shirts, tshirts, vests.  The majority of the time it would either be black, white, and red for some reason.  And stripes and polka dots.  A lot of flavor and character to the clothing.  It was really fun.
FTF: What’s on your playlist right now?
Keeley: Right now I listen to a lot of Michael Jackson.  I’ve always listened to Michael but with his recent passing I’ve gotten very nostalgic and remembering and listening.  I listen to Charity Vaughn a lot.  I listen to tons of old school funk.  You name it from James Brown to Zapp to Parliament.
FTF: Besides Michael Jackson who are some other dancers who have influenced / inspired you as a dancer?
Keeley: The Electric Boogaloos, the Campbell Lockers, the Groovaloos, the Beat Freaks.  Janet was a big inspiration as well.  Anthony Thomas, Terry Bixler… those were choreographers behind those people.  I don’t like to go to the bougie Hollywood clubs very much.  They’re sort of like the clubs that have the industry dancers, which is great, I am as well an industry dancer.  But I came more from the underground scene.  I like to try and find places like that.  It’s very hard right now in LA to find a place like that but when I go to a place like that where there’s raw underground talent and that’s something I’ve never seen that’s fresh, I get really inspired.  Because that heart is still there.  It’s not necessarily about showing off or getting attention or making a name for yourself.  But it’s more so about just feeling the music, getting in the zone, breaking the music down.  When I see kids like that raw, that’s what I relate to because that’s where I come from.  I’m really inspired by people who maybe to the common eye don’t dance that well but they have the confidence to get in the circle and do something.  That inspires me because it’s the courage part that comes first.  I get really inspired by that.
FTF: Any dance crews you’d like to see try out for ABDC?
Keeley: There’s my homies Footworks Fanatix.  Jules is in that.  I wonder if she could try out again.  There’s Killafornia.  That would be amazing.  Actually I heard they were talking about it a mixture of Footwork Fanatix and Killafornia were talking about it.  Skill Methodz would be amazing.  These are all Bboy crews.  Those are the only crews that I’m actually aware of that I could name off the top right now.  But I would love to see them because the heart is there and they would just kill it.
FTF: Any individual dancers we should know about or that we should YouTube?
Keeley: There’s an amazing girl named Lockadelic.  She’s an amazing locker and popper as well.  She’s amazing.  She’s very integritous.  I don’t know how much you’ll see her in the scene or not because if it doesn’t stand for something, she’s not really out there and she doesn’t put her face on it.  But she’s really amazing. [FTF Note: Lockadelic placed 2nd in the Hip Hop International Locking Battle.  Watch this video of Toni Basil talking about locking and mentions Lockadelic.]
Lockadelic Hip Hop International
JRock.  I don’t know if y’all know who JRock is.  He’s a Groovaloo as well.  JRock is amazing.  Just to me, in our generation, he’s like one of the best poppers right now.  He knows boogaloo, he breaks the rhythms down.  Look him up on YouTube because he’s ridiculous.
There’s a lot of people I don’t know about that I’ve actually seen on YouTube but I don’t know their names that my friend Cristina was telling me about.  But those are two right now that I really love watching.
2 Responses to “Interview with Keeley Part 2”
  1. Orlando83 says:

    Keeley’s the best! Thanks for this Freak the Fashion. Your site is dope!!

  2. SL714 says:

    Great questions! Now I have to go youtube everyone.

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