Rinokinawa x The Other Duck Collab Tee

Wow!  Amazing!  I have so much I want to say about this video but I think Rino’s moves say it all.  As for the fashion, The Other Duck released the Rinokinawa Collab tee yesterday with only 20 units available.

Original Big Duck design with a Japanese twist! Rino Nakasone (Harajuku Girls, Missy Elliot, America’s Best Dance Crew, etc.) collaboration with Other Duck. Notice the fun hat and also the eye resembling the flag of Okinawa. Only 20 shirts available! Not going to be re-stocked. WILL NOT BE RE-STOCKED.

Rino x TOD tee

Here’s a photo that Rino sent out on Twitter of Kaba Modern wearing the Rinokinawa Collab shirts:

The Other Duck x Rino Kaba Modern

One Response to “Rinokinawa x The Other Duck Collab Tee”
  1. ravoo says:

    😦 i wish i could have that shirt… 😥

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