FR*A: Future Rockstars of America

If you were one of the more than 3500 viewers tuning in Wednesday night to FR*A LIVE streaming Bgirl Shorty, then you probably learned some new dance steps and witnessed her beaming personality and exuberant energy (yes, she was eating Skittles before the show).  If you didn’t catch it, DPD of FR*A informed us:

Unfortunately we hit some technical difficulties yesterday… we ran into problems we never had before and as a result we weren’t able to record the stream like we normally do, however we were able to capture some highlights on a separate camera.  We’ll post those clips up on youtube and have it archived on

Hopefully we will see more of Bgirl Shorty and the rest of The Beat Freaks on future episodes of FRA Live.  They have had some amazing guests on the past shows, including Lil C, Macy Gray, Fareast Movement, and more.  Check out the schedule of future shows as well as archived footage here.  They will also be streaming live the My Ninja! ‘Endless Summer’ Mixtape Launch Party August 20th.  This happens to be the same day that the Bgirl Shorty x My Ninja! tee will be released (according to what Shorty said during the webcast).

Future Rockstars of America and Bgirl ShortyBgirl Shorty on FRA Live

In the meantime, check out FR*A Clothing.  Personally, I’m loving the FRA Retro Shirt:

FRA Retro ShirtSome people you might want to follow on Twitter:

3 Responses to “FR*A: Future Rockstars of America”
  1. SL714 says:

    Thanks for posting it… learned some pretty sweet moves when I watched it 😉

  2. Lauren says:

    i stayed up and watched it! hour well spent even though i fell flat on my face trying to do the baby freeze lol

  3. [: says:

    HOLY GOSH!!!
    dude she blows my mind away EVERYTIME!!
    i didnt even know she could do some of those moves!

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