Vote For Freak The Tee Contest

The Beat Freaks Street Team (@FreaktheStreet) has released the finalists for the Freak The Tee Contest.  You can vote by sending an email with the number of your favorite design to  Voting ends August 21st at midnight EST.

I saw most of the entries and they were all so good.  I imagine it was very difficult to choose the finalists.  Congratulations to the designers!  Here are the finalists:

Freak The Tee 1Freak The Tee 2

These are all part of one design.

These are all part of one design.

Freak The Tee 4Freak The Tee 5

6 Responses to “Vote For Freak The Tee Contest”
  1. amelia says:

    definitely will vote for #4. That shirt is a must have!

  2. Simone says:

    Hi! I was wondering where I can buy any Beat Freaks shirt. I’ve been looking all over the internet but obviously failed. Haha! Thanks!

    • freakthefashion says:

      For now you can only buy Beat Freaks shirts where they are performing (if they have any left). Other than that, we’ll have to wait until 2010 for The Beat Freaks clothing line.

  3. i like number 4 definitly cuz it has beat freak’s name on it

  4. Uzma says:

    hmmm i tried voting through email but i got an email back that said is not an account

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