T-Mobile Sidekick Dance Off Commercial

Ever since I acquired a DVR, it has become habit to forward through all commercials.  At least, until now.  The T-Mobile Sidekick Dance Off spot is the first time I actually stop and rewind to watch a commercial.  It was choreographed by Troy Kirby and directed by Paul Hunter.  The commercial features Maryss and Teresa as well as Groovaloos, Spee-d, DoKnock, Luigi, and Moy.

Tmobile sidekick dancers 1T Mobile Sidekick Dancers 2Here is a list of the dancers I found from searching online.  If you recognize anyone else, please share with us in the comments.

More behind-the-scenes footage of the T-Mobile Dance-Off Commercial:

[Thank you to Sabrina M. for help finding the photos]

9 Responses to “T-Mobile Sidekick Dance Off Commercial”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Troy Kirby

  2. Lauren says:

    now i really want a sidekick

  3. Lauren says:

    oh yea. can someone tell me the part maryss is at. im not sure if shes b-boyin…goes by too fast

    • justine s. says:

      i saw her an t right at the end..before they show the F..u can see them on the right side of the t.v in the back..u have to be quick cause it doesnt show long..i spotted them frm teresa’s hair

  4. amelia says:

    love this commercial…if i could have an 1/8 of their energy. i might hurt myself tonight!!!!

  5. BFanGA says:

    You know your a Beat Freak fan when…. you can name the members you’ve seen in commercials with only a split second glimpse 🙂

    The commercial is sick, makes me want to dance everytime I see it.

  6. >^..^ says:

    Whst is the name of that song!??!?!

  7. teresa brown says:

    hey it also features bboy casper……

  8. Anonymous says:

    Brandi Oglesby

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