Blame The Other Duck

Hope you didn’t sleep on the Rinokinawa x The Other Duck Collab tee?  There are only a few left.  If you didn’t get one, blame The Other Duck.  (Ha ha!  Just playing.  Trying to segueway seamlessly to the next paragraph.) Watch the video of The Other Duck’s Cheryl Koo teaching at Jayvee Dance Studio for … Continue reading

Bgirl Shorty Updates: Miley Cyrus & Teen Choice Awards

Bgirl Shorty arrived in Canada to start rehearsing for Camp Rock 2.  Congratulations, Shorty! If you missed her performing with Miley Cyrus at Teen Choice Awards 2009, here it is.  Nice headspin and close-up (beginning at 2:40)! Bgirl Shorty at Teen Choice Awards Pre-Party (Photo from Pacific Rim Photo Press): Bgirl Shorty wearing Kreative Humor: … Continue reading