Bgirl Shorty Updates: Miley Cyrus & Teen Choice Awards

  • Bgirl Shorty arrived in Canada to start rehearsing for Camp Rock 2.  Congratulations, Shorty!
  • If you missed her performing with Miley Cyrus at Teen Choice Awards 2009, here it is.  Nice headspin and close-up (beginning at 2:40)!

Bgirl Shorty Miley Cyrus Teen Choice Awards

bgirl shorty teen choice awards preparty

Bgirl Shorty Kreative Humor

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10 Responses to “Bgirl Shorty Updates: Miley Cyrus & Teen Choice Awards”
  1. MaMe says:

    Is it me or do her headspins keep getting better every time?

  2. DJQT1P says:

    I am in love.

  3. Wawo says:

    Ninja Shorty I have to agree with MaMe…your headspins are getting tighter! Way to go my fave bgirl! WOOOHOOO!!!! Congratulations! Keep rippin’ the stage son!

  4. Rachl says:

    Thx to Bgirl shorty and lady jules i can do a baby freeze now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Orlando83 says:

    Shorty is awesome! Because of her I’ll Camp Rock 2!!

  6. shorty taught me how to break:))
    love ya shorty:))

  7. SL714 says:

    Okay, so since Shorty is a dancer for Miley, does that mean I have to like Miley Cyrus now? 😦

  8. ravoo says:

    I’m so glad Shorty didnt have to dress like miley’s other dancer’s in that performance.
    she did amazing, and always!!!
    man, i hope she gets more credit in the future.

  9. BFanGA says:

    Shorty did an amazing job. The only reason I tuned in was to see her dance.

  10. Shorty Worshipper! says:

    In behalf of your Philippine fans,Shorty you’re the best!!!!

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