Giveaway: Freak The Vote Shirts

UPDATE: Giveaway is over.  Congratulations to rae rae and SONfan4lyfe for winning a Freak The Vote shirt.  Check your email.

In this Pacific Rim video, Lady Jules says the 5&A Dime ‘Freak The Vote’ shirts are going to be collector’s items!  Where can you get one?  Right now, the only place you can find them is right here.  Freak The Fashion is giving away a ‘Freak The Vote’ shirt to two fans.  Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment with the following information: If you could ask The Beat Freaks or a member of the Beat Freaks ONE question, what would you ask?
  • One entry per person
  • Make sure to leave your email address in the form so we can get in contact with you if you win.  We will not share your information with any third parties.
  • Contest starts: NOW
  • Contest ends: Thursday, August 20th 2009 at 11:59 pm PST
  • From the comments, TWO will be chosen randomly (from to win a Freak The Vote tee
  • Winner will be announced on this post and on @FreaktheFashion Twitter on Friday August 21st
  • Only U.S. and Canadian residents are eligible (due to shipping costs)

Good luck!  There will be more giveaways to come in the next few weeks.

Can anyone guess which website Teresa is talking about? 😉

[Note: All ‘Freak The Vote/Beat’ shirts for giveaways are size XL.  Sorry, XL is all we have.]

68 Responses to “Giveaway: Freak The Vote Shirts”
  1. Breanna says:

    If I could ask a member of the Beat Freaks a question, or the whole crew, I would ask all of them, where and what do they see themselves doing in the next 20 years? Like where they see themselves in 20 years. I think it would be interesting to hear their answers to this question.

  2. My question is: Since you’ve all been dancing for a long time, what is it you want to do when you retire? That is if you retire from dancing!

  3. Ashley says:

    If I could ask the Beat Freaks any question I would want to know what they would have done with the ABDC money, had they won.

  4. Deborah says:

    if i could ask a member of the beat freaks a question, i would ask…hmm..toughy..let’s see…how did you get you’re big break?

  5. donna says:

    what superpower would you want if you could choose one?

  6. Sam.S says:

    If I could ask the Beat Freaks any question, it would be “What song makes you wanna get up and dance everytime you here it?”.

  7. Naomie says:

    I would ask them… What was the most difficult thing to deal with in ABDC ?

  8. ChristinaR says:

    If I could ask the beat freaks one question it would be: “What was the one thing that motivated you to dance and made you realize dancing was your dream?”

  9. AW says:

    Who would you want to have play you in a movie about yourself?

  10. Anissia says:

    If I could ask the beat freaks one question I would ask them how do they feel now that they have inspired so many people with their freak the dream saying?

  11. Orlando83 says:

    What is your most embarrassing moment as a dancer?

  12. Tamyra says:

    I’d like to ask when can the fans look forward to an autobiographical beat freaks movie? 🙂

  13. SL714 says:

    What is their favorite thing to do when they’re not dancing?

  14. cacheteslv says:

    My question is: If you could trade lives with another Beat Freak, who would it be???

  15. Alejandra says:

    My question to the beat freaks would be: “Besides being talented dancers. “What would you want to be remembered for?”

  16. vicky says:

    If I could ask Beat Freaks a question it would be, “Do you consider your fans as your friends?”

  17. Kristen Lee says:

    In the new season of ABDC, there are a lot of new styles/types of dancing hitting the ABDC stage for the first time. If I could ask the Beat Freaks a question, I would ask them : If you were given the chance to learn any new type/style of dance,what would it be?

  18. Meriam says:

    hmmmm…. “If you were not living in LA, where would you be living?”

  19. Lauren says:

    lets see..I would ask: What is one person that they are too shy to meet or get really nervous around?

  20. one ques. i would ask them is..Could the Beat Freaks give me a birthday shout out on any website for my birthday..Aug. 20th

  21. Mia S says:

    I would ask them “Who is your hollywood crush?”.

  22. Frankie says:

    Everyday you guys inspire me to be a better me. Your attitudes and drive to do what you wanna do. And your message that you can do anything you want you if you set your mind to it. So who or what inspires you guys to be a better you?

  23. Cerise W. says:

    My question is, ” When you all first started breakdancing, what were some of the struggles you guys had to go thru?”

  24. Whitney says:

    If I could ask the beat freaks one question it would be if any of them were athletes of some kind, or if they play any kind of sport.

  25. marc roy says:

    If I could ask a member of the beatfreaks one question it would be… dancing is so hard to make the money and support yourself just by did you persevere thru the hard times to continue to follow ur dream and not give up?

  26. Dawn S. says:

    My question is: Is there a favorite dance move that you do?

  27. Willis Williams says:

    If i could ask the BeatFreaks one question it would be: How did each of you create your own paths as dancers?

  28. DJ says:

    my question would be :: Does B-girl Shorty have a boyfriend or is she single?

  29. Rose says:

    If I could ask the Beat Freaks any question, I would ask, “When you were younger, did you ever have a feeling you would end up being an awesome dancer that everyone is a fan of?”

  30. Melissa O says:

    I would ask them “What is going to happen after you retire and are done with beatfreaks, will new members be added to take your place?”

  31. boe says:

    my question is if anyone of you could choose one other dancer to battle against from the past or the present who would it be and why?????

  32. phuzzie says:

    I would ask them how Do I freak my dream…and get me a dance crew started

  33. Raesteeez says:

    If I could ask the Beat Freaks one question, I would ask, “Are you ladies doing any big projects together or separately at the moment or coming up?”

  34. Michelle says:

    I think your dancing is amazing soo.. if i could ask you all anything it would be how/why did you all want to start dancing? what was your inspiration/drive?

    Thanks =]

  35. Justin Vea says:

    FREAK THE COMMENT!! um my question would be was it awkward being judged by the judges of abdc considering that all of you are qualified to be judges and some of you have judged major competitions before (for example rino judged the world hip hop championships with shane sparks).

  36. Mayra D says:

    My question for the Beat Freaks would probably be: Would you consider spending a weekend in one of the islands in the Caribbean (say Dominican Republic) and give like a special presentation with dancing lessons and other stuff as part of your “Freak the Dream” program? (Kind of like: “Freak the Dream” Seminar but in the Caribbean?)

  37. rae rae says:

    did the beat freaks audition for abdc or were they invited to be on the show?

  38. rachel says:

    what actress would you want to play you in a movie about the beat freaks?

  39. Alesia Chen says:

    If I could ask the Beat Freaks one question, I would ask, “When you guys were younger, did you guys see your self as dancers and coming in as runner ups on America’s Best Dance Crew?”

  40. April Palichuk says:

    My Question to the Amazing Beatfreakz: What is some thing you think people would never expect from you?

  41. Meghan says:

    If I could ask the Beat Freaks one question, I would ask “Do you guys have any rituals you do right before you perform to get ready for the show?”

  42. Melissa Lee says:

    My question would be “What is the most embarrassing moment that happened on ABDC that you’re glad didn’t make it on national TV?”

    (p.s. if i win, i’m on vacation from aug 19-sept 1 so i won’t be able to respond to e-mails till then but I do hope I can win)

  43. my question 4 the beat freaks would be

    Q: Do u guys like the Jonas Brothers and if so what is your favorite song from them?

  44. if i had only 1 question for u girls it would be….”if you had the opprotunity..would u guys make a movie about your whole dancin career?”

  45. Brenda says:

    If I could ask The Beat Freaks or a member of the Beat Freaks ONE question, what would I ask?

    I would ask How long did it take u guys to accomplish all ur dancing moves? Like ur popping,locking,Headspins,etc. (This goes to all of the members of beat freaks♥)

    P.S. (just a note) u guys r one of my inspiration to dance! thank u for that and hopefully i could freak my dream just like u guys did:)

  46. Abigail Guevara says:

    If I could ask one question to the Beat Freaks, it would be, “if you could make the beat freaks into another dance crew, what other 8 dancers would you like to be paired up with?” Your fantasy dance crew, dead or alive?

  47. Kyla says:

    My question for the girls: Would you ever want to establish a dance studio to teach people how to break and dance? I’d go like, every single day haha because I want to learn SOOO badly. Thanks! :]

  48. Danielle V. says:

    I would ask the Beat Freaks if they could trade places with anyone in the world, from any era, who would it be and why??

  49. Adden says:

    If I had the chance to ask them a question I would ask, What is that one thing that keeps them dancing?!

  50. Val says:

    To the very talented inside out BF: What were your thoughts about your life and your career and about yourself where you were not famous and popular and recognized?

  51. Sil says:

    Who do you admire the most out of the dancing world?

  52. jessdixon says:

    If I could ask one question it would be: How the heck did you make the ball float on the illusions challenge for ABDC?

    You girls are still the best!!!

  53. [: says:

    Rino, how were you able to communicate with SHINee when you choreographed for them? Do you know Korean?

  54. grace says:

    do you guys like pudding?

  55. ellen says:

    for shorty and jules: can one of you do a hollowback?

  56. Justin Hard says:

    If you could ask The Beat Freaks or a member of the Beat Freaks ONE question, what would you ask?
    How does it feel to be such inspirations to millions of people throughout the world?

  57. Alexandra Riley says:

    Would you guys look forward to making a movie together that wasn’t about dancing?

  58. Sara Hard says:

    Lady Jules: What was it like working on the set of “B-Girl” the movie?

  59. Frankie Hard says:

    What were your first reactions when Mario Lopez announced “Quest Crew”, as the ABDC3 champions? (even though you girls deserved it!)

  60. How much do professional dancers earn?

  61. Candice says:

    Has ABDC changed your lives drastically in any way that you would have never expected? (Other than having a massive load of fans)

  62. Kendra says:

    My question would be for all of the Beat Freaks what country would you like to visit and why?

  63. BFanGA says:

    If I could ask the Beat Freaks one question it would be: Has there ever been a popular dance/dance move that you didn’t like doing?

    P.S.- You guys are amazing dancers! Thank you for pursuing your passion!

  64. Erica H. says:

    The one question that I would ask the Beat Freaks is….
    What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep? (I just think this would be interesting to know… because we all know that the Beat Freaks work really hard rehearsing for performances….)

  65. Dawn A. Griffin says:

    What is it that you are thankful for each and every day that you wake up……….

  66. ESS JAYY.(: says:

    My question for the Beat Freaks is:

    What brought you together as a group ?

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