Beat Freaks Rescue Big Cats

Beat Freaks Big Cat Rescue

The Beat Freaks have done a lot of traveling recently where they are often greeted by fans and plenty of gifts from fans.  While at Monsters of Hip Hop in Orlando, The Beat Freaks received a very special gift.  Two die-hard Beat Freaks fans, Kris Gustafson and Lindsey Segalla (both members of Beat Freaks Fans on Ning), sponsored a predatory cat for each Beat Freaks member through Big Cat Rescue.

Big Cat Rescue, a non profit educational sanctuary, is devoted to rescuing and providing a permanent home for exotic (i.e. wild, not domestic) cats who have been abused, abandoned, bred to be pets, retired from performing acts, or saved from being slaughtered for fur coats, and to educating the public about these animals and the issues facing them in captivity and in the wild… By sponsoring a big cat or a little cat you are helping Big Cat Rescue to provide the very best care for all of the cats that call the sanctuary home.  The proceeds from the sponsorship program fund nutritionally balanced diets and vitamins, excellent veterinary care, flea prevention, Cat-a-tat maintenance, toys and enrichment.

The idea for sponsoring a cat for each Beat Freak came to Kris and Lindsey (aka Squeeks) while making the seven and a half hour drive home from the Atlanta Beat Freaks perfomance.  According to Kris,

The idea to sponsor a cat for each girl was our way of showing our support to them through something we love.  We both have/want careers with animals and to be able to help out rescue cats through supporting our favorite dance crew was the best of both worlds as we saw it.

Each cat was chosen specifically for each Beat Freaks member.  Kris explains, in her own words, the process of choosing which cat to sponsor for each girl:

I had asked the girls what their favorite predatory cat was and tried to find each cat within Big Cat Rescue.

Bgirl Shorty didn’t have a favorite, she couldn’t pick so as I scrolled through the potential sponsorship kits, I came across Sassy the Caracal. The name reminded me of the interviewer, Sassy and it just fit.

LindseyB Out There got Sabre, a black Leopard, initially because they didn’t have what I was looking for. When I read Sabre’s bio, I learned that he’s fun loving, and always running around. It reminded me of Lindsey and her “out there” personality.

Lady Jules got a Snow Leopard because she loves them. Squeeks has cats of her own, and their names are Rowan and Athena, so when I saw Hercules the Snow Leopard it was a way to extend the Greek theme.

Keeley got Zabu the White Tigress because, Keeley had told me she likes white tigers. Zabu is the only white one, and the fact that she’s a strong female to go through life with a hairlip and cleft palate, which means she has no upper lip to protect her teeth, was essentially a girl power moment.

Maryss said she liked Lynx, so she got Natasha, a Siberian Lynx.

Rino likes tigers, so we got her King, which the original plan was to get her someone different, but right around the time I was getting to put the order in Michael Jackson had passed away, so when I saw that there was a tiger by the name of King, it seemed appropriate.

Teresa also got a black Leopard because they didn’t have what she originally told me. We went with Adonnis, because of the fact that Teresa had been on tour with Janet Jackson, and the song “Black Cat” came to mind.

Alison was the only one I was never able to get an answer from so Sultan the Ocelot was a random pick.

We also got the group and their families as a whole, something. There’s a Pride at Big Cat Rescue called Joseph’s Pride, consisting of two lions and two tigers. Generally a Pride consists of only Lions so to see this unique grouping reminded us of the diversity of the Beat Freaks, how each girl brings a unique talent to the group. As well as how their families play into the part, including their management. All in all it was a way to show support to all that they do both on and behind the scenes.

To be able to help out such wonderful creatures, especially as an animal rescue (Florida Boxer Rescue) volunteer myself, via supporting the Beat Freaks was like a mini “Freak the Dream” for Squeeks and I. We got the best of both worlds, being able to show what these girls mean to us as individuals, that the possibilities are endless, through something so near and dear to us as Wildlife Conservation and Animal Rescue Organizations was beyond surreal. We can’t thank these girls enough, but this was our own special way of beginning that gratitude.

We already know the Beat Freaks are passionate about dancing and also many social causes, like PeTA, Cat House on the Kings, Invisible Children, protecting the environment, and more.  Freak The Fashion wants to know what you are passionate about.  Check the next post for giveaway details!

[Thank you so much to Kris for sharing her story, sending us photos, and answering all of our questions.]

4 Responses to “Beat Freaks Rescue Big Cats”
  1. This is amazing! Beat Freaks Fans and Beat Freaks are the best people ever!

  2. Tamyra says:

    this is so cool!!!! Good work kris n lindsey!

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