Giveaway: Freak The Beat Shirts

Freak The Beat shirt red and blue

UPDATE: This Giveaway is over.  Congrats to Frankie (comment #36) and AW (comment #13) for winning!

We already know the Beat Freaks are passionate about dancing and also many social causes, like PeTA, Cat House on the Kings, Invisible Children, protecting the environment, and more.  Freak The Fashion wants to know what you are passionate about.  Share with us and enter to win a 5&A Dime ‘Freak The Beat’ shirt.


  • Leave a comment describing what you are passionate about.  It can be social causes, hobbies, sports, dancing, anything and everything.
  • Make sure you leave your email address in the form so we can contact you if you are chosen as the winner.  Your information will not be shared with any third parties.
  • Contest starts: Now
  • Contest ends: Thursday, August 27th 2009 at 11:59 pm PST
  • Two winners will be chosen at random, via, to receive a 5&A Dime ‘Freak The Beat’ Shirt (sizes are XL, one is in blue and the other is red).
  • One comment entry per person.  US and Canadian residents only.
  • Winners will be announced  Friday, August 28th on this post and @FreakTheFashion on Twitter

Good luck!

45 Responses to “Giveaway: Freak The Beat Shirts”
  1. Justin Vea says:

    i have been passionate about dance for about 5 years. I am a sixteen year old high school student and last year i started my own dance crew called “the joy luck crew” which is named after our favorite book “the joy luck club”. I started dancing when i was nine doing contemporary dance and filipino cultural dancing, but there was something more i wanted which is when i fell in love with hip hop. I fell in love with hip hop when i saw my first kaba modern performance in 2003 and thats when i knew i wanted to learn the art form. since then ive started my own high school team and have even started a team for junior high students called “the lucky charms”. we compete in local competitions and all our prize earnings go to a charity. this month, our goal is to feed the hungry by donating to local food shelters, (be sure to go to to help feed people around the world!)

  2. im passionate about dancing and the noh8 campainge..i love dancing i dance all the time & the Beat Freaks are responsilbe for that. i dance cause of them they are so passionate for what they do and it makes me want to learn an experience more dance styles and techniques to be as goos as they are. But to be the best u have to beat the best. The NOH8 Campainge i am very passionate about that as well. I am a lesbian so that is very important to me. LGBT community has a hard job already but if the people stick together then we ahve all the freedom we need. People against the campainge i really dislike because if u no nobody who is LBGT then u know absolutly nothing how much this means to me and other LGBTs.<3

  3. Tamyra says:

    I am passionate about music and all things audio. Its challenging to the ear and I love it! Also, I am passionate about making people smile. People think I joke a lot just because I’m silly but its really to see people smile. Sometimes a good laugh can do u a world of good so I’m passionate about that.

  4. Rose says:

    I am passionate about music. Every day I listen to all the songs I love listening to. Even if the song is sooo old, I still listen to it. I call music my world, my life and more. Without it, my life would have a lot of awkward silences. 🙂 Music makes me and my friends smile a lot.

  5. Brenda says:

    I am very passionate about dancing and abdc is the cause of that. Watching jabbawockeez,kaba modern,super crew,fanny pack,so real cru,quest crew,beat freaks,etc inspired me. not only abdc was the cause of that but dance crews around the world. I’m very passionate about hip hop dancing the most. I’m still in progress to learn more and more about it. I did have problems choosing dancing as my thing with my dad but now he’s being supportive about it. Just as long I go to college and be successful in my life,but i would never let go of dancing. It would be apart of me till i die. Dancing show me the bright side in my life. Dancing will be there by my side to cheer me up. Every time I dance I throw my heart into it. I love how we follow the beats in music and show your expressions to it. I hope one day I would start my own crew and become a successful dancer and maybe own a dance studio somewhere in California and compete dance crews all over the world. I want to be a Inspiration to others like Beat freaks did and other dance crews that made them inspired me to dance. ❤ 🙂

  6. Lauren says:

    i am passionate about technology. i love working with and on computers. since i was young i would go to computer camps each summer to better my skills. Since then i stay up to date with all the new technology and hope to get a career in it.

  7. Naomie says:

    I’m passionate about breakdancing, music, drawing, and martial arts. I love to make graffitis and I started in school when it was boring ;D I also have been doing martial arts since i’m 6 years old. But when I saw ABDC, I turned into bboying. I think it’s amazing to see girls doing breakdance like Bgirl Shorty and Lady Jules ! I hope I will be as good as them someday ;D !

  8. Kendra says:

    There are two things that I am very passionate about: swimming and history. Swimming is a sport that is not that famous such as football, baseball, and soccer. It is one of the sports that people like to tune in for every four years in the Olympics. I feel that people should give swimming a chance because it is a fun sport to do and is excellent in keeping you in shape. Taking swim lessons or joining a swim team opens the doors for you and you get to meet new people along the way. My second thing is history because it is something that I did not really like much in school. I always found it to be boring, but it is not really. Many kids my age thinks it is boring and is a pointless subject.I think there are many people missing out today by going to museums and to see what made America today. By going to Washington DC it completely change my views on history and made me appreciate it more. =]

  9. Meriam says:

    1. Dance: i have always loved dancing. i didn’t take it seriously until i saw the Beat Freaks on ABDC. Watching them and learning about Freak the Dream inspired me to take my passion of dance seriously. Now, i have been taking hip hop dance classes and learning how to break. In the future, i hope to take different types of dance styles’ classes and further my knowledge in dance. Dance will definitely always be a hobby that i will never let go! =]

    2. The Giving Spirit: My Spanish II teacher, sophmore year of high school, introduced this club on campus and she would talk to us about it in class and would get us involved. TGS is a non-profited organization that helps the homeless in the city of Los Angeles. My teacher’s passion for this organization touched me and i grew inspired to really help out and become passionate of this organization as well. This is the 3rd year that i have been involved. =]

  10. Candice says:

    What am I passionate about?
    Wushu. A form of Chinese martial arts that all of us athletes are trying to spread around the world. I began back in 1996 and followed through because I love the sport. I think its beautiful yet strong, soft yet powerful. It is a very difficult art to perfect, but the feeling of practicing hard and finally being able to achieve certain moves, feels like no other. The tough times in this sport makes you strong. The competition builds confidence, and the sport builds teamwork and lifelong friendships (or even second families). Even though injuries have cause me to have an early retirement, my passion for this sport has brought me to continue this journey and open my own Wushu school, so I can teach others and share my passion. Nothing makes me happier than sharing this with others.
    I have posted a (beat freaks inspired) video on Ning. This will show my love and passion for the art of Wushu.

  11. BFanGA says:

    I am passionate about graphic design and dance. Graphic design provides me with an avenue to express myself visually and its highly rewarding to see something I’ve designed in actual use. Dance has always been a love of mine. No matter where you are you can always dance. You can dance for every emotion and dance can move people in so many ways. Watching various choreographers/crews always inspires me to challenge myself to get up and see if I can do what I see. Also, watching the Beat Freaks do their thing has inspired me to improve me freestyle; its comin along well :).

  12. MatMe says:

    My passion is surfing and photography. I also want to help make healthcare accessible to everyone.

  13. AW says:

    one of my passions is to help children have better and safer living environments and giving back to my community. ever since I was like six years old I have been part of this organization that runs afer school programs and summer day camps. well, i was part of the day camps up until I was in the seventh grade. and it played a huge part in making me who I am today, I looked up to all the leaders there as my role models, and from it I have gain many friendships and confidence. After that, for the past 4 years I have been a leader at all the programs that are run there, and I just want to give back and help all the kids have the experience I had, because I can help keep kids off the streets and getting involved with the wrong crowd. I want to be that leader, that role model, that friend, to those kids and help them grow in a safe environment.

  14. two things i am very passionate about iz music n my friends.i think that my friends r like my family i luv them soo much they r always there for me n iim always there for them they keep all my secrets n always tell me wuts best i luv them soo much!i am also passonate about music.every time i im feelin sum thing wether i feel happy,sad,or lucky i always have a song that goes with it n music has also been there for me anytime i cn just turn up the radio n i feel better..

  15. rachel says:

    i am passtionate about playing softball and having a healthy lifestyle

  16. rae rae says:

    I’m passionate about being the best person that i can be to my family and all the other important people in my life as well as myself

  17. jeanmarie says:

    i am passionate about baseball and the new york yankees!!!!

  18. Anissia says:

    The one thing i am passionate about is helping other people. To me other people come first. I put myself last and i make sure everybody is taken care of before me. It doesn’t matter who you are if you need help with anything and i mean anything you can ask me and i will do it even if i don’t know how.My life revolves around people and if i’m not helping anyone then i’m not helping myself.Thats the one thing i am very passionate about and i’m freaking other peoples dreams by helping them and i want to thank the Beat Freaks personally one day for that….Ya’ll are truly my INSPIRATION!!!!

  19. April P says:

    I’m kinda in between passions. I’m at a point in my life where I’m just trying to find what I want to be a passion I can focus on. Current I lover playing soccer and soccer. Pushing myself to limits in sports is my goal. I also love to draw and write. I write and draw whatever I feel. It’s a way to express and interpret the world around you. So i guess my passion is finding my true passion. And just throwing this in here I LOVE THE BEAT FREAKS!!

  20. Erica says:

    The thing that I am very passionate about is writing poetry. I never thought it to be possible to enjoy writing poetry as much as I do…. and I have to thank the Beat Freaks for making it possible. So many of my poems that I have written have mentioned the beat Freaks…if not been completely about the Beat Freaks because their message to “Freak the Dream”. It all started with watching ABDC… When my friends and I were talking about the crews, we were talking about the talent that they had. My first thoughts were about how the Beat Freaks represented for all females in the world. And that is when my friend challenged me to do something new….trying to write a poem. I had never been confident with my writing… but after the show ended and I had seen how they overcame all the challenges that they faced on the show, I knew that I had to at least try it. My very first poem was more about the struggles of my life… but also incorporated the message of Freak the Dream… ever since then I can’t stop writing… lately I can’t stop thinking about writing poems… if I stop before finishing a poem… I have a hard time sleeping because I suddenly will come up with new ideas …. So i have to thank the Beat Freaks… not only for helping me to find out what I am passionate about… but also giving me the confidence to share my thoughts with other people using my passion for poetry….

    P.S. my blog where I post my poems is….

  21. Kristen Lee says:

    I am passionate about playing basketball. Something about working as a team and succeeding makes me feel good about myself inside. It’s also a very competitive sport, and I am one for the action. Practicing and discipline is hard, but it’s all worth it in the end – it pays off. Winning is the best feeling, besides improving and knowing you got better. All in all, just playing the game itself makes me happy. This is what I am passionate about. 🙂

  22. Mia S says:

    I am MOST passionate about Dance. I’ve started teaching myself how to dance ever since I saw hip hop dancing up close. I’m trying to become better with practicing and learning new things. My dream that I’m freaking is to become a professional dancer and the Beat Freaks are my motivation into doing so. I can’t see anything else in my future but dance. It’s my passion and I’m trying my best to become the best and hopefully someday, to even become a Beat Freak 🙂

  23. ravoo says:

    Writing is my passion. Writing to me is dancing to Beat freaks.
    My true inspiration is my older cousin, chekc out her writing on

    She is not even 16, and she’s such a wise kid, but is soo funny!!

    I’ve been writing so much, I feel if I don’t have paper and a writing utensil atleast three feet away from me, I’m uncomfortable, and I can’t be myself.
    I write about anything and everything from fantasies to reality, taking a chance to romance,
    and just about me.

    I didn’t plan on making it big anytime soon. My life isn’t that great right now, but like I said, writing to me is dancing to beat freaks.

    My second passion is swimming. No inspiration there.
    Whenever I’m in the water, besides being in the tub, I never want to get out. If i could be reincarnated into a animal, it’d be a dolphin. Being able to jump in and out of the water repeatedly, and just flying through it.
    I push myself everytime i get myself in the pool (it’s not often..) I learn new moves, I set my goals higher each day…

    At one point, I felt liek it was pointless to still love swimming since I don’t have swimming pool nearby, and I don’t take regular lessons, but when I saw Beat Freaks perform and I heard all of their stories, they made me realize to just keep doing it whenever I do hav the chance.

    So writing and swimming,
    my most definite passions.

  24. Justin Hard says:

    I am passionate about so many things, that the list could go on forever. I have ALWAYS loved danceing, but I always thought…”im 16, its too late for me to start =/”. However, after watching the Beat Freaks perform their hearts out and give a true inspiraton to reach for your dreams, I decided to start. Also, the same situation involes my passion for Martial Arts. I used to always mimick the moves Jet Li, Uma Thurman, jacky chan, and bruce lee. Though, I recently got the courage to join Jujitsu, and this time, STAY IN THE CLASS. Though my passion for dance exceeds any thought that I could have ever imagined. I hope that with my hard practice almost everyday, I will be able to become a well-known dancer, choreographer, and someday dance with the Beat Freaks in a battle if possible, or dance on the same stage.

    However, I have a passion to finally win one of the Beat Freaks giveaway tee shirt contests! So I hope it comes thru. LOL.

  25. Frankie says:

    I am passionate of going through college, even after all the rigirous trouble I have delt. One day, I hope that my passion to help others will help be become a P.A, and eventually a doctor.

  26. Sara says:

    My passion and devotion towards animals has helped me towards becoming a vet. tech. I went to get my GED, and I have completed college now. My passion will help lead my life and hopefully help spead the word about animal crueltly. In the logn run, I have that PETA will be able to end and stop ALL animal cruetly. My passion of helping the helpless, which virtually all animals dont have a choice if they want to be some fashionable clothing garnet on a jacket. Or if they want to be sold for 99c at Mcdonalds and other fast food restaruants. In my household, I have changed my whole diet to owning virtually no animal used products, and no meat, or animal food. I go to the organic store now. However, it may be more expesnive, it sure does save lifes of other fellow animals, who have feelings, just like us.
    In the end, my passion is my love of animals.

  27. alyssa says:

    I am passionate about staying fit and healthy

  28. Alexandra Riley says:

    My passoin my whole life has been to hold respect for myself and be a postive model towards others. My sister has looked up to me and I feel I am a good role model. Hopefully one day, I’ll be a real good inspiration speaker and inspire other people-similar to how the beat freaks inspired millions of people.

  29. Cerise W says:

    Im very passionate about music. I feel like music is in my blood. I’m trying to learn multiply instruments all at once(drums, piano, bass, guitar). I know that I can do anything if i set my mind to it.

  30. Alyssa says:

    I am passionate about staying fit and healthy. And ensuring that i have an excellent
    quality of life.

  31. Alyssa says:

    i am passionate about being healthy

  32. Emma says:

    i am passionate about being a good role model.

  33. jane says:

    i am passionate about being a good person.

  34. Vicky says:

    im really passionate about photography. i always take a picture of the sky when it looks pretty & i take a picture of nature when i go camping every 3 to 4 months. i take lots of pictures of my friends to remember the good memories. i hope being a photographer will be my future job in the future.

  35. Frankie says:

    one thing i am most passionate about is soccer. it is my life and it has taken me places i wouldn’t have imagined when i was growing up. but the thing i feel most passionate about is sticking to my true self. not letting anyone change the way i am and not giving in to peer pressure. if i’m not myself.. then who am i? someone that doesn’t even exist.. i don’t want to be fake so i’m passionate about keeping down to earth and pretty chill. i hope that everyone is passionate about that in one way or another.

  36. Sam.S says:

    I am 100% completely passionate about art. The thought of my ideas coming to life on a blank piece of paper or a sculpture is the best feeling. No matter whats going on in this crazy world, art always puts me at peace and will always be there for me. Its not only the sense of fulfilment I get when I finish a piece, but knowing that that same piece of work can touch other people is really what inspires me!

  37. ESS JAYY.(: says:

    My passion is playing basketball. It’s the one thing in my life that i wouldn’t give up. It has given me experiences i never would have thought of doing in my life. (: After watching the BEAT FREAKS several times, I’m thinking about starting to dance. THEY INSPIRE ME. I’m also very passionate about living life the way we should live it. I think it’s very important to stay true to yourself.

  38. Jonelle says:

    I have been passionate about animal cruelty and animal housing. Myself having 1 dog and 4 cats, all of which were rescued it’s close to home. On November 13, 2007 I had to put 2 of my cats down within the span of 3 days. I never was a fan of euthanasia, but I had to suck it up and do it for them. No matter how bad it hurt me. Since then, I have been volunteering at local animal shelters, and making sure the cats around my area are properly caught and taken to a NO KILL animal shelter. One thing that drew me more and more to the beat freaks, is Lady JULES! I thought I was the only one who had a hoodie of my cat. I love that you rock it too. I will volunteer and make sure all the animals that are around me are protected until the day that I die. The day I put my cat to sleep I adopted what they called “twin” kittens. If it weren’t for them, and the other cat I had at home, I wouldn’t have been able to survive.

    Keep up the work with PETA, you’ve inspired me, as millions of others.

  39. Vivian says:

    I am VERY passionate about dance. Ive liked to dance since I was little but I really wasnt into it until middle school but then stopped because people would bring me down alot, then for high school i realized that a part of me was missing which was my passion DANCE and alo t of people in my school love to dance as well but they were to shy to start a team or a family and then thats when BEAT FREAKS came into my life. When BF started to spread FREAK THE DREAM , I was like heck no i gotta get up and do something for myself and something I enjoy to do, to begin with my dream I began a dance team on my high school which now the people in it are like my other family. We all love dance! like if ask anyone that knows me really well , they’ll tell you that i am very very into dancing. I breath, live,sleep , dream about dance, and i thank the beat freaks for doing that and now I consider them something very important to my life and they will continue to be in my heart and the message (FREAK THE DREAM) every minute of my journal and my life.

  40. Abigail Guevara says:

    I am passionate about helping people, especially children. I enjoy talking with them about issues that we all deal with growing up. From Abuse, insecurities, self-esteem, depression,to pursuing what makes them happy. Coming from a childhood of abuse, I think it is important to speak about these issues. We all live different lives, but in the end we are all the same. So my passion is simply to be able to give someone a helping hand or simply an ear to listen or shoulder to cry on, in all reality just be a friend. Cause we all deserve to have at least one friend in our lives.


  41. cacheteslv says:

    Im passionate about drawing, music, soccer and helping others. When i draw, i go into a whole new different world where only me and my thoughts are there. No one and nothing can come in between me and drawing because its just what i love to do. I also love to listen to music because a lot of the songs i listen to have to do with what im feeling at the moment. And of course i like to draw and listen to music at the same time. Its two of the things im passionate about put together which makes it even better. I can truly be myself when im doing these things. The last thing im really passionate about is the sport of soccer. Its a fast moving sport and always has my adrenaline pumping, especially when my team wins!! Not only is it my favorite sport but its also my friends’ favorite sport. We can have our ups and downs but we always come together at soccer. Its something really cool to share with all my friends. I also love to help other people. I always do what i can and what is at my reach. For example, im always donating food and clothes, and i volunteer at my school. I want to show the less fortunate that there is people out there who care about them and are more than willing to help. I want to give them that little push and a sense of hope so they too will want to FREAK THEIR DREAM. In all true honesty if i had the money, i would donate to as many charities as i could: no second thoughts, no questions asked.

  42. James Cole says:

    My passion is dance and anything music-related. Everyday, all I think about is dancing and how much my favorite dancers, such as Beat Freaks and Quest, inspire me to pursue my dreams. Whenever I have a bad day, dancing or listening to music always seems to take me to a better place. I do not have a professional dance background and I’m basically self-taught from watching videos, but I am looking into actually taking regular dance classes soon. I not only want to be a professional hip-hop dancer, but I would love to travel and teach classes and be a positive role model to kids.

  43. My passion of helping the helpless, which virtually all animals dont have a choice if they want to be some fashionable clothing garnet on a jacket. Or if they want to be sold for 99c at McDonald and other fast food restaurants.

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