Back To School with Tatoot

Beat Freaks TatootBags1

It’s just about time to head back to school and might as well arrive in style with something other than a Jansport.  The Beat Freaks always have the freshest bags, especially their graffiti-inspired Tatoot backpacks.  Tatoot launched in summer of 2008 by Eddie Shabot and David Ben David, both from New York.

Tatoot is a revolutionary and unconventional brand in that it expands upon more than one’s typical perception of graffiti and street art. Tatoot employs the very same concept of self-expression, delivering social and political messages, and serves as a form of art appreciation – but, Tatoot is bringing street art & graffiti to the world over through our new fashionable and exciting product line of TATOOT messenger bags and backpacks. Tatoot will give street artists a new outlet of expression, making their art OUTLAWED No More.

Head over to Tatoot’s online store to find back to school sales on their backpacks and messenger bags.  You can also try winning one in the next Freak The Fashion giveaway.  Stay tuned!

6 Responses to “Back To School with Tatoot”
  1. justin hard says:

    just cuz the beat freaks wear them makes me wanna get one!!

    hope i win the giveaway!!

  2. ESS JAYY.(: says:

    Sickk bags ! 😀

  3. amelia says:

    Nice! I need a bag with some flavor…bp’s can be sooo boring!

  4. Chelsie says:

    YEah..i got one of the bags…everybody in my skool like it.

  5. Luis rincon says:

    Where do i find these bags ?? I like to buy one but have been unable to find them anywhere… Please help

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